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Poster of the Week 11/03

So who won this week’s Poster Of The Week award? The one and only atmosphere!!!

To show our appreciation, we’re sending atmosphere a tub of Classic GROW! in his choice of flavors – chocolate or vanilla.

Congratulations, atmosphere. Your willingness to help your fellow T-Bretheren and your sane and sensible advice is greatly appreciated.

Stay tuned, T-Folk. We’ll be picking another POW next Wednesday. Same time, same place.

Awe shucks, guys!

I’m blushing like a 14 year old girl who just got asked out by her first boy. . . wait. . . um. . . I mean. . . :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks so much! It’s truly an honor to be voted Poster Of The Week - sure beats T-Bag of the week. :wink:

This place is such a great community, and I’m damn glad to be apart of it!

  • starts drooling over Chocolate Grow! *

Congratulations, atmosphere!!! Welcome to the Club – the POW Club. (grin)

I agree, world-class advice you’ve been putting up there, guy! Keep up the good work.


Great post and great job T-Nation once again giving recognition to such a solid memeber.

Seems the bar is raised each week that this award goes out.

Congrats again,

Thanks for the kind words! I could very easily say the same things about you two! :wink: