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Poster of the Week 1/5

This week we’ve chosen the one and only ZEB as our “Poster of the Week!”

To show our appreciation for all of his helpful and good quality posts, we’re sending him a tub of <a href="http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=459253"target=“new”>Classic Grow! in his choice of flavors

Thanks, ZEB! Keep up the good work.

Remember, we’ll be selecting a Poster of the Week every Wednesday.

There’s no doubt that Zeb is a great contributor…but is it possible to provide the link to the thread that caused T-Nation Admins to give the poster the title of “poster of the week”?

Congrats Zeb for whatever words of wisdom you provided

Congrats Zeb.

You always seem to provide quality info and seem to stay above the fray and get into any petty arguments.

Well done and thanks.

Congratulations, ZEB! Well deserved for all your quality posts here at T-Nation.

Congrats Zeb!

Strongman, I don’t think it is any one post.

Congratulations! Well Deserved!



Congratulations Zeb!

Great choice once again and CONGRATS!!! Zeb

True, ZEB’s contributions to the site cannot be narrowed down to any single post or thread. He deserves to take a bow.

Congratulations, ZEB!

Nice job Zeb. Congrats!

Good choice. Zeb has provided a lot of quality information.

Congratulations Zeb.

This site is filled with some outstanding contributors. To numerous to mention by name. Many of them are on this very thread. Somehow I got lucky enough to win and that feels great.

Thank you T-Nation for the award, but especially for the quality of information and the high standards that you have set!