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Poster of the Week 1/19


We’d like to recognize Professor X as our “Poster of the Week” for his helpful advice to others, and his overall contributions to the forums as a whole.

To show our appreciation, we’ll be sending him a tub of Classic Grow!

Congratulations, Professor X , from everyone here at T-Nation!

Ain’t that a bitch?

(Moderator note Edit below, LOL)

I mean, Thank You.

I don’t know, is it?

Congrats, and AWESOME CHOICE!!!

Little overdue IMHO, but better late than never. Keep it up Pro…X.

Gotta love the not always what they want to hear, but what they NEED to hear approach. Advice and post in general that are honest, well thought out, and backed by education and personal experience.

Thanks, and Great choice once again T-Nation


Great choice. I always appreciate the Wit and Wisdom of Professor X!

Congratulations Professor.

The Professor has been VERY prolific, dispensing reasoned opinion all over the place. I agree that it’s a good choice.


Great choice! Congrats Professor, it is well deserved.

Damned fine choice!! I LOVE reading the AA thread with Prof’s responses and they’ve even become a talking-point here in my office.

But… Couldn’t you have sent him a new tank-top instead?

/me runs for cover…

Very good choice, T-Nation! I love to read the Professor’s resonses on all of the forums.

Cool and well deserving.