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Poster of the Week: 1/12

We’d like to recognize adamkn as our “Poster of the Week” for his helpful advice to others, and his overall contributions to the forums.

To show our appreciation, we’ll be sending him a tub of <a href="http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;jsessionid=9B5C6241A8BFE3641323C2CA13CFA57B.ba13?id=459253"target=“new”>Classic GROW!

Congratulations, adamkn, from everyone here at T-Nation!

Well let me be the first to say CONGRATS!!!

Enjoy the Grow!!! and keep up the great posts man.

Solid contributions to our little community are always a welocome addition.



Way to go, Adam!!! (grin)

Congratulations. Glad to see you getting some recognition here for your quality posts and your contributions.

Enjoy that Grow!!!


Great reply on the “issue with my shoulder” post. Keep up the good work.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words.

And thanks T-mag for the Grow!