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Postal delays on International shipping

Like a good number of people on this forum, I’m counting the days until I get my sticky mitts on some Mag-10. I pre-ordered from the States, to be delivered in the UK. Almost everything I’ve ordered lately (CD’s Books etc) has fallen into a black hole, where usually it would take only 3-4 days. This makes timing phases for the Growth Surge Project difficult.

How much longer have your deliveries of ‘anything’ taken from US to non US in the light of recent events?

Regards, Paul

Hi Paul, I and alot others on here in are the same situation on the Mag-10 front - you decided to pre-order already? Keep us posted how it goes, as I didnt want to commit my wedge if i wouldnt be able to get the stuff, as customs might be pain in the ass - even though totally legit. I have noticed the same thing though, as its taken 10 days to get a book from the states, rather than within 5 or so days.

Ordered 3 bottles on 28th October from Netrition (their site still says they expect it late November) so am hoping for a delivery 2nd week December maybe(?) I’ll keep you posted.

I’m currently in the US (though not for long
if I can help it), and intl delivery time from
OTHER places TO the US have increased by