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Post Your YouTube Channel!


Hey dudes, just thought it'd be nice to share youtube accounts with anybody that has their own channel. We can all subscribe to eachothers and shit. I'll be making more use of mine coming up with a lot of training videos, maybe a video every two week?...Anyways, here it is, and hopefully you guys do the same...




I haven't uploaded a new video since this summer, but I will be getting more on that as I prepare for my next meet.


Leave out the http, it might be annoying to copy and paste it into the browser but fucking T-Nation is giving some dumb white boxes as our channels and I can't get to it.



YES!!! Another chance for shameless promotion.



Read my above post kind sir.


I try and get a video up every week:


Austin: Didn't know you were 19, damn.


Haha you thought I was younger?


Right now I've been using mine for songs I've been covering on guitar but I should have a couple videos of some lifts up over the next couple weeks.



Nothing new since our Provincials in November, but more to come as I get ready for the Nationals


Definitly not, I thought you were closer to 30.


I'm just posting to let D know her new picture is super sassy.

Oh, here's my channel: /www.youtube.com/ouroborossss

Last is from Saturday; Provincial Championships.


O God No, shit at 30 I better be resembling a pro bodybuilder in some way, if not already being competative....6 PPS on the bench for a rep or two or three raw would be nice too. Gotta dream at least haha.


Austin, on the dead skulls try stopping with upper arms at an incline, not completely vertical:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1AZebtYyA0 (from second rep onwards it's a bit easier to see than on the first)


Yeah but I don't have a sword to play saucy ninja girl with ) :


Random videos and such. I think I've got some progress videos from last year and my first meet on there.







Videos of my guitar playing. Here's one:

and video interviews with professional classical guitarists.

No lifting videos.


Gotchya, I stopped doing them because they were hurting my wrists and elbows. Close grips, paused off the pins has been my main tricep exercise. I'm liking them a lot...



wtf, when i just went there to check, it said I had no videos available. But all my videos are still uploaded, if I go to My Videos, they're still there, if i search my user name im still there, if i watch a video it plays and if i click 'more from this user' my videos come up. Anyone have any idea what's going on?

Ugh, well if anyone wants to subscribe, watch this vid, and you can click on 'more videos from this user'