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Post Your Training Program!


I think this would be a GREAT idea to learn from each other...

Okay. Here I go! (I won't include the numbers because if I do... it's gonna confuse the crap out of you. Trust me.)


Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Front Squat. (Work up to a one rep max.)


Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Front Squat. (Daily max. Front squat has a little bit of extra sets.)


Back Squat, Power Snatch, Power Clean and Push Jerk, Romanian Deadlift. (Daily max.)

Like I said, I will not include the details as to how I manipulate the sets, reps and weight because I'm too lazy to do it and it'll only confuse you.

But I will tell you this, my training is periodized. :wink: And I didn't invent it. It's legit...

I would like to know what everyone else is doing!

Thank you in advance for sharing.


I do anything what my coach tells me, but usually it involves some of the following:

1st snatches, c&j, from blocks, from hang, power versions, drop snatches, jerks from standards, etc.
2nd pulls
3rd squats
4th various assistance exercises.

2 and 4 are optional.


mon - sat
hang snatch - aprox 25 lifts
hang clean - aprox 25 lifts
back squat - aprox 15 lifts


About your firsts. So do you do both SNATCH (or a variation of it) and C&J (or a variation of it)? Do you do BOTH or EITHER?



Can be both but usually just snatch or c&j. Last week several days before competition, my coach asked his lifters to do both in a session but not to max.


monday - clean and jerk (20-25 reps), press (8x2)
wednesday - back squat (4x3), bench press (5x3)
friday - power clean (5x2), front squat (5x3), incline dumbbell press (5x3)

  • I am 9 weeks out from my next meet. I am going to spend a cycle correcting some specific issues and then transition to my meet prep.

  • I am 40 with 14 months experience w/the sport. I have a wrist (right) that is limiting my snatch on the overhead position. My jerk is my weak link. So my 'corrective' cycle will include focusing on the jerk, limiting snatch work (rest wrist), emphasize front over back squatting (front is only 80% of back).
    Day 1 & 3 squats/overhead
    Day 2 & 4 pulling

Day 1: Squat 5 sets of 3; Power Jerk 5 sets of 2 (will progress to BTN split jerk)
Day 2: Front squat to a heavy single (kind of a warm up); (power) cleans 5 sets of 2; snatch grip DL/pull/RDL complex of some sort; chinups
Day 3: same as 1 (maybe change reps/intensity of squat)
Day 4: Classic Lifts: Snatch (week one = 3 position, weeks 2 and beyond = squat snatch week 1= 85%, 2=90, etc.)
Clean & jerk (weekly ramp starting at 85% and up same as snatch)
Heavy or Max Front Squat (may or may not do back off doubles)
rest days after day 2, before and after day 4.

Meet Prep:
2 weeks of maximal (high intensity/increasing volume):
4x/week: snatch; clean & jerk; squat (alternate back/front)
2 week taper (will still work 90+ on the lifts and squats) just begin lowering the volume.
Actual taper is too detailed for this post.

I have been working with Dr. Micheal Hartman (initially followed his free 8 week training course and have been corresponding with him and individualizing the template - I recommend Dr. Hartman to anyone - he comes highly recommended by Glenn Pendlay).


I'm not focusing on the O-Lifts right now, but I like to keep them around.

Day 1. Barbell Pull day
Hang Snatch Complex. 3 reps at Waist. 3 reps at mid thigh. 3 reps just above knee caps.
Hang Snatch for triples.
Power Snatch
Bent Rows
15-20 minutes of direct arm work.

Day 2. - Press Day
Cleans for warm up
Clean to Overhead Press. 1 clean 3-8 reps OH Press
Incline Bench Press
Flat Bench Press
15-20 minutes playtime with weights

Day 3. - Squat Day
Hang Snatch Complex. 3 reps at Waist. 3 reps at mid thigh. 3 reps just above knee caps.
Power Snatch to Overhead Squat. 1 snatch 3-8 reps overhead squat
Power Clean to Front Squat. 1 clean 3-8 reps front squat
Front Squat
Back Squat
Dips 10 minutes Max Reps

Day 4. - Upper Body Pull Day
Lat Pulldowns - overhand wide grip
Chin Pulldowns - underhand narrow grip
Renegade Rows
T-Bar Rows
Corner Bar Rows
Bent Rows

3 days/week
250 kettlebell swings w/45lb kettlebell
50 tire flips
Other gpp stuff that may involve Snatch/Clean type movements, throwing things, sprints, etc....


I'm working off something slightly different at the moment due to my weird schedule, but usually I like something like this:

4-5 times per week, usually 4

Clean and Jerk/variation
Pressing exercise
squat or front squat
groin rehab, ankle rehab, accessory stuff

I like to keep the reps heavy, but low in number. Like 3x2 or 5x1 for the oly lifts. between maxing and just going to about 90% for several reps for the oly lifts and squats. For pressing, usually either 3x5 or 5x3 or 3x3.


train 6 / 7 days a week.

  • start with snatches. either working to max if things are feeling good (about 6 reps) or working lighter weight at doubles or triples for technique (about 30 minutes)


3x per week (one or two days between this)

  • just started Russian Squat Routine for front squat.
  • Weighted planks


- partials (e.g., first pull, hang powersnatch) depending on what part of the movement feels the worst (1-3 reps focusing on quality of movement). though sometimes the snatches I start with end up becoming this pretty fast lol. try and do heavy first pulls maybe once a week or every two weeks.

  • try and do one other upper body movement (press, chin-ups, inverted row, push-ups) OR natural GHR (stick assist) need to relearn most of these movement patterns... pretty much stick to 5x5 with these (or working towards it) except 3x10 pushups and aiming to work towards variations like pylo, one armed etc.

test cleans about once per month (need my squat to go up to clean more)

A f*ck ton of mobility work mostly for ankles / feet but also for thoracic spine / shoulder and hips
(preparatory for jerking)


FS to max
Sn to max
CJ to max
FS to max

Wed same as Mon

may SN or CJ


To those of you who lift maximal weights at least once a week, do you guys try to hit a PR every week?

Or do you do some type of special loading like the Texas Method?



I go as heavy as I can trying to edge that PB by 1kg.

You don't get a PB every week, but it happens more often then you think. BUT this ONLY WORKS better if you have consistent technique. If your technique is poor you'll get gains but then you'll hit a big fat road block.

I've seen very few people SN 100kg badly. They are either hugely f0cking strong (Dl 300kg+, Squat 300kg+) or just freaks.



This is my program preparing for a meet in 8 weeks. I do 3 workouts a week, the first two are at different times and different days depending on when my wife is working and the third is on Saturday. I am doing something similar to the Russian squat routine but i have expanded it to 9 weeks and do it twice a week.

Day 1: Snatch singles up to i start missing then i drop 10 kg's and do 2 or 3 to work on form. Then this is my high volume squat day so for the 8 weeks it goes 6x2 ,6x3, 6x4 6x5,6x6, 5x5, 4x4, 3x3, 2x2, Competition week

Day 2: C&J singles up to i start missing then i drop 10 kg's and do 2 or 3 to work on form. Then this is my low volume squat day so for the 8 weeks it goes 6x2 ,6x2, 6x2 6x2,6x2, swap to front squats 6x2 ,6x2, 6x2 6x2, Competition week

Saturday: I go to my coach's house and do a 4 week repeating cycle that is Bulgarian type thing of increasing volume and intensity peaking every 4 weeks for a new max. It would be hard to explain but has been very effective so far.


I have tried different workouts and training but this approach although very simple works for me.

I have learned from experience it is better to be under trained than over trained. Slow and steady wins the race. 2-3 % every 3 or 4 months will make you very strong after a few years.


Whatever max I can hit for the day. Sometimes thats a PR sometimes its substantially less.


Monday: snatch, squat, snatch pulls, RDL
Tuesday: bench, dumbbell incline, tricep extensions, curls
Wednesday: c&j, front squat, dead lifts
thursday: barbell incline, close grip bench, tricep extensions, curls

i do abs everyday and for my weight i go for the heaviest i can do with out losing tech and not missing a rep.


Tell me about it...

The Saturday before last: 127.5 on the 6th attempt
Mon 2 days later : 125 first time, missed 128 6times
Wed: 110 LOL 17.5kg drop off in 5 days

You have some serious ups and downs...the other week I had got buried under 150 FS...




First post, thought it would be relevant to post my current training. I'm doing a twelve week O-lifting based strength program. I normally train for strength and have competed in two strongman competitions. I really have come to love O-lifting and will definitely include it in my weekly routine after this cycle has finished.

Quick note, all lifts are roughly the same each week with changes in percentage and rep schemes(most, not all, are based off 1RM). Certain variations change from week to week, but the standard lifts stay the same.

Hang snatch, Push jerk, back squat

Hang clean, Snatch balance, Push press

Muscle snatch, Clean and Jerk, Snatch grip deadlift, Front squat

Thursday: rest

Snatch, Snatch push press, Back squat

Snatch, Clean and Jerk

Sunday: rest

I throw in some of my own stuff after a session sometimes, mainly GHRs and deadlifts (both dynamic and max effort) and also pendlay rows. I do conditioning about 3 times a week too.

C&J: 90kg
Snatch: 60kg
Front squat: 115kg
Back squat: 130kg
Push press: 90kg
Deadlift: 195kg

My numbers are a little unimpressive, but my form on all lifts has improved so much over the last few months and I'm regularly setting PRs. Back squat is shooting up the most since starting this cycle.


I have been following a westside powerlifting template for about 3 months now, workout pretty heavy about 4 days a week, but i want to try out an olympic lifting program. you guys have any recommendations on a good program i could try out?


Hi Rob!

What are your goals? Do you plan on lifting in O-lifting meets or just wanted to follow another training protocol for fitness or another sport?

Do you have experience with the snatch, clean, and jerk?

The answers to these will certainly determine the course any training plan will take.

If you want to compete - you most likely need to find a club and a coach to learn the lifts under a watchful eye. The best course of training here is to learn and to the fill lifts 3x/week. You can add front/back squats to keep you strength base.

If you want to add the lifts to a general training program - Joe Kenn has a nice book that talks about Tier training. Basically you have primary Total body lifts (snatch, clean, jerk and their variations), Lower body (squats of all varieties) and then Upper (press, row, etc.)

One day do a primary Total movement, then a secondary Upper, lower and total movement.
Next day do an Upper body primary movement, then secondary total, lower, and upper.
Third day...well you get the idea.

Hang cleans, hang snatches, push presses/power jerks fit nicely into this type of template for non-Olympic lifting type training.