Post Your TBT

I have just chaged my TBT to

Workout #1 (monday)
-bent over BB rows
-cable flys
-tricep extensions
-wide grip BB curls

Workout #2 (wednesday)
-flat DB or BB bench
-wide grip pullups
-good mornings
-seated rows
-weighted dips
-BB power ups

Workout #3 (friday)
-DB military press
-weighted lunges or leg extensions
-BB deadlifts
-DB side raises
-single arm preacher curls
-incline DB or BB bench press

Could anyone who feels they have a better total body training regiment post theirs or make suggestions? thanks


Go listen to Alwyn Cosgrove’s “Double Tap”. The efficacy of a program is not in the exercises. The exercises are the least important the variable. What your program needs is good periodization. You need to workout somehow to constantly make it harder, or different. Look at these:

-Set/Rep Scheme
-Rest Periods

Figure out what you are going to do with set/reps and rest periods then come back. Or, just do Chad Waterburys “Total Body Training”

that’s jawsome entransit, thanks