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Post Your Supplement Stacks

Hey guys, I was just wondering if everyone could post some supplement stacks that are working for you.

Recently started a BCAA, TRIBEX Gold, HOT-ROX Extreme and Flameout Stack. I also take a protein shake each day. My aim was to retain muscle bulk whilst lowering body fat%. Two weeks in, have lost 5lbs, don’t look as bulky but bench preessed more yesterday than ever before in my life - am 46 next week.

Am considering taking something to increase ‘bulk’ look again.

For a couple of months earlier this year I took BSN No Explode and Cellmass and found them to be very effective - Others on this forum will disagree with their efficacy.

Hope this helps.


Whey protein post work out

Fish Oil

Chondroiten and Glucosamine

Some times Animal Stak 2, which is a stak all in it’s own. I think Biotest offers something similar through this site.

Apple cider vinegar… 3 double shots daily

Acidolphilus though i get most of that from eating live yogurt which i consider food rather than a supplement.

I’ve used diet pills, a few different brands but wasn’t impressed.

Like the yogurt, i drink coffee pretty much daily, mostly because i like it and consider it part of breakfast, but i do enjoy the caffeine in it.

Fish oil and chondroiten/glucosamine are excellent in conjunction with one another for your joints and all other benefits fish oil gives.

Whey protein is great post work out due to its amino profile and quick absorption time (i get virtually all of my other macronutrients from “real” food sources though i’ll sometimes have a meal replacement shake when i’m in a bind for time)

After recommendations on the vinegar by a nutrition store clerk and some net research, i was grudgingly sold on it’s benefits. and it’s cheap. i’m not sure how effective it is as it’s supposed results can not be measured, but i’ll keep using it for now.

same as acidolpholus, though i prefer to get it from yogurt than freeze dried supps. I must say i can drink more milk with less discomfort when eating yogurt regularly.

I expirimented with stak 2 and acheived great personal success so it is a supp i will be using from time to time.

BCAA, Fishoil, Flax seed oil, Creatine. Use to take protein shakes, but I am experimenting with not.

Protein powder, BETA-7, Creatine, and a multi-vitamin.

Rez-V, Carbolin 19, Fish oil, HRX, Protein blend (whey+casein), multi

Fish Oil

I’m trying to eat big, so I am going supplement “heavy” for now. I usually will have alot in stock for a few months and then go a few months on a multi-vitamin, protein, creatine, and fish oil.

Now the cupboard has:

Whey protein
Fish oil
Alpha Male 5 on 2 off
HRX on off days from Alpha Male for the Carbolin 19
Power Drive a few times a week before workouts
Spike once a week

And I’m not sure if you would count gatorade for my workout shakes

Creatine monohydrate (5g)
Whey protein isolates (48g)
Multi-vitamins & minerals (timed-release)
HOT-ROX Extreme
Fish oil

mrp,Flameout,Carbolin 19,Beta-7,bcaa, and creatin

oh, i forgot the SURGE

“Chondroiten and Glucosamine”

Does anyone taking this realize that it causes insulin sensitivity problems?

Fish oil/Flax Seed oil


[quote]dhuge67 wrote:
“Chondroiten and Glucosamine”

Does anyone taking this realize that it causes insulin sensitivity problems?[/quote]

How so? i’m interested.

[quote]dhuge67 wrote:
“Chondroiten and Glucosamine”

Does anyone taking this realize that it causes insulin sensitivity problems?[/quote]

Problems? What studies are you referring to?

There are studies showing glucosamine affects blood glucose levels in people with diabetes or glucose intolerance issues. The only thing conclusive of those studies is a recommendation that people with diabetes avoid Glucosmine. That’s it.

I can pull up studies that conclude Glucosamine HAS NO EFFECT on glucose metabolism on healthy people.

1 study shows that mice given 1500mg of glucosamine caused glucose intolerance. What’s the equivelant in human body weight? That’s something like 1.8lbs of glucoamine for a 240lb athlete.

How common is it for hard training athletes to have glucose intolerance? I’m not talking about people who eat shit food and shit carbs, have a skinny fat body and blame it all on the carbs. And I’m not talking about people on the anabolic diet. How common is it for people who train hard to be scared of carbs for health reasons? Athletes are FAR different than common folk.

Are you a mouse? Are you diabetic? Do you have glucose intolerance? If not, I think you are pretty safe.

Micronized creatine (when bulking)
Fish oil
Bulk beta alanine (when bulking)
Zinc and Magnesium (not ZMA)
Whey isolate/casein (pre/post WO)
Ephedrine HCL (when cutting)
Caffeine (when cutting)

Multivitamin (megaman)
Alpha Male
(per advice here I separated the latter two above but then started gaining weight around the tummy. So I started back up on taking these at the same time)
MGCreatine post workout
Chromium Picolinate preworkout
Surge periworkout
Ginko Bilboa
Devils’ Claw
Rose Hip
E & B vitamins
ZMA and Melotonin at night.

Protein Powder (3 scoops/day)
Fish Oil (8 g/day)
Multi Vitamin
Flaxseed Oil
Green Tea


The basics!

Fish Oil
Whey Protein
Micronized Creatine Monohydrate

Alpha Male 5/2
Vit C 1000mg, sometimes 1500 when feeling drained.
ON Gold Std Whey x3
Fish Oil Tabs x4
Metabolic Drive Bars x2