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Hey guys, I know everyone has their own individual training log with their info but it thought it would be cool if we had a thread where everyone, who can be assed puts in their info so we have a reference? And internet bull shit lifts.

I'll start:

BF% circa 25% (currently cutting)
Bench: 315
Dead lift: 450
Squat: 275
Arms: 17'', 18'' pumped

Feel free to add more info than this you want.

Cheers guys (and girls)


BF: 15%
Bench: 275
Deadlift: 365
Squat: 275
Arms: 17", 17.5" pumped

relatively weak for my size id say


Height 6 foot.

Weight 230lbs
Bodyfat 15%
Bench 350x1
Deadlift 500x1 with straps 585x1
Squat 430x1

Arms 17 left one is smaller, not pumped

Legs 28.5 inches
years training - 3



265 lbs.
BF: Unknown
Internet Bullshit Lifts
Bench: 605
Squat: 765
Deadlift: 815



Hey guys I don't workout.


I don't either but if I did I could squat more than I bench.



bodyfat: no idea.

arms: 14.5 cold
chest: 42
upper legs: 22

bench: 1RM 220
Deadlift: 260 1RM
Squat: (no squat rack) So I'm currently doing 145lb x 10
Overhead press: 1RM 160

I'm well proportioned right now, but I'm lacking thickness especially on the upper half of my body. I attribute it to not having worked out for a year and only being back into it since January.
I'm also a lot weaker than I was, however I'm working towards getting my strength up right now so hypertrophy has taken a bit of a backseat. I know I need more size but there's no way I'm going to do it with those numbers.



height - 5'11''
weight - 205
bf - ???

abductor machine - 45lbs
eliptical - setting #7
dumbbell curl - the blue ones.


Is this a joke?


What is this bb.com?




5'11 227lbs
bf- dont know
bench 280lb
squat 470lb
deadlift 540lb

chest 48, arms 17.5, quads 27, waist 36.5, calves 17,


5'8 200 lbs
bf- 8-9%
bench 305 lbs
squat 430 lbs
deadlift 500 lbs
Military press 200 lbs


6'1" 195lbs
bench 270ish
squat close to 400
dead closing in on 500

translate to internet #s
6'1" 215lbs
bench 335
squat 455
dead 575

I also feed the hungry, help little old ladies, and donate 25% of my income to charity : P


Seriously what ?


You are on the right track. Make sure you do concentration curls everyday and adductor machine to balance out the abductor work. That will give you a defined look. Oh and do the curls in the power rack.


Height - 6'3"
Weight - 260 pounds

7 whole chickens/week
84 Jumbo eggs/week
12 protein shakes/week
12 cups Brown rice/week
5 cups oatmeal/week
Unlimited veggies/week

Is that what we are looking for?


height - dunno
weight - its apparently important
bf - hell if i know

squat - see
bench - my
deadlift - log

most importantly



CGP 405 for 10-12+
Hammerz strength 5 pps (every machine including preacher curlz)
weight at least 100


Height- 5'9
Weight- 220lbs
lifts- Dont matter, this is bodybuilding. Look at my Log if you want to know.
Legs- 29in
Calves- 19 1/2in
Arms- 19in
Forearms- 15 1/2in
Waist- 34-36

Not the greatest pic, im hunched over a little, so my body looks bleh, and im turned a little. but oh well, this is only for funsies anyway.

[edit] lol im sorry, did i do it wrong?