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Post Your Shoe Size


I wanna see if im the only freak with size 14's.... I really fucking hate it. I can never find any shoes my size and the ones I do fucking suck balls. I really think I need to have them custom made which is gonna be expensive. fuck!! It seems like more store and warehouses have more size 9-11 then any other size.




I am very interested in this thread.


9...8 if chuck taylors


Ive been waiting for this thread. The current winner is me with Size 15s. Lol. I would gladly trade in my feet for size 11s or even smaller.. its a bitch to find shoes at any store. So Ive started buying them online.Pretty inexpensive and easy to find.


I'd bet you girls are :wink:

10 1/2


Pics or it didn't happen.


15's....I gave up on finding shoes in stores a long time ago






12, how big are you're hands.My hands from tip of my thumb to the tip of my pinkie spread out is 10".


I'm a size 9 shoe, and my handspan is just under 9".



Took a pic but my phone just died on me. Blame it on PMPM and Words with Friends.


On a interesting note...your foot is the same measurement of your forearm elbow to wrist.




My foot is a solid 4 inches shorter than the measurement from elbow to wrist. That's what she said, no it's not, yes it is.


Lol I think it happens in some cases. At least for me and people I told that too. I was waiting for someone to come in and say otherwise.

Edit: As well you have to put your foot on your forearm... inside of the elbow. If you can do it.


I'm about 6-foot-5 and, for my height, I have kind of small hands and feet. I have five pairs of shoes, three are size 14 and two are size 13. My hands are about 8.5" from wrist to middle finger and just over 10" from pinky to thumb. Notably, my fingers are kind of stubby, while the palm of my hand is quite large. Not sure what that is about, I almost suspect my fingers were supposed to be longer, but something messed up in the growth process, my toes are very long. I can palm a basketball easily enough, though. Also, my foot is a little shorter than my forearm.

The other thing I remember about shoe sizes is that I had a size 13 shoe all throughout high school. Even when I was only about 5'11, my feet got a little bigger with my second growth spurt, but not much.


I'm only 5'10.5 and I wear a 13 but can fit in a 14. 13's fit ok if I buy them from nike online, but I have to go bigger in some sizes.

For someone 6'5" to have the same sized shoe is strange to me. Most of the guys I know have feet bigger than 10-12 and most are not over 6 feet tall.

To the OP, I guess that makes me a freak too. My hands are pretty big as well even though I have known people with hands so big they engulf mine (a guy I train with is like that. He weighs about 340lbs at 6'2"....with abs showing.


10-12 depending on the brand, my underarmour running shoes are 11's and don't quite fit. Tight as hell.


Yeah, you win. I buy mine online now. Actually going shopping for much of anything at this size is a wasted effort when they have my size two clicks away.