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Post Your Routines


I invite you to post your routines just for the hell of it, i think it would be productive if T-Nation members knew how fellow members train

this is my routine

Tuesday: Leg/Chest Squat 5x5
Bench Press 5x5
Power Clean 5x5
Dips 3x10
Deadlift 2x5

Thursday: Back/Shoulder Chinups 5x5
Press 5x5
Bent over dumbbell rows 3x10
Upright Rows 3x10
Rear Delt Pull 3x10

Saturday: Oly lifts/accesory Snatches 5x5
Clean and Press 5x5
Calf w/e i feel like doing
Rotator cuff 3x10

I train my grip on wednesdays with a heavy gripper and play soccer 4 days a week for 2-3 hours


my goal is to improve my body for my sport while also trying to pack on some size, post your goals and w/e you want


I don't really care how you train at 182 6'. We had this exact thread 2 weeks ago. Use the search.
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I'd just like to point out how much more your post contributed to this thread than mine.


You also pointed out that you are a bit of a tool.


1) Looks like Saturday is a wasted day for you as far as gaining size goes. Oly lifts, as a rule, are NOT the fastest way to get big. Neither is rotator cuff work.

2) Tuesday seems like too much. Squats and bench.. AND power cleans, AND deadlifts, AND dips?

3) If I were you, I'd just do something like Madcow/Bill Starr's 5x5, to be honest. I'm sure there's also plenty of 3-a-week strength plans on this website.


Monday - Chest & Tri's
Flat Bench Press - 5 sets
Incline DB Press - 4 sets
Weighted Dips - 4 sets
Incline DB Flyes - 4 sets
Close Grip Bench - 4 sets
Tricep Pushdowns - 4 sets

Wednesday - Back & Bi's
Pull-Ups - 4 sets
Lat Pulldown - 4 sets
Deadlift - 4 sets
Compound Row machine - 4 sets
One arm t-bar rows - 4 sets
Concentration curls - 3 sets
Hammer curls - 3 sets
Reverse curls - 2 sets

Friday - Legs
Back squats - 4 sets
Leg Press (45 deg) - 4 sets
Leg Extensions - 4 sets
Lying Hamstring curls - 6 sets
Calf Press - 3 sets
Seated calf raises - 3 sets

Saturday - Shoulders & Abs
Seated overhead DB presses - 3 sets
Arnold press - 3 sets
Incline bench side lateral raises - 3 sets
Rear delt cable flyes - 3 sets
Bent over rear delt flyes - 3 sets
Cable crunch - 5 sets
Cable side bends - 5 sets
Decline crunches - 5 sets

Also do some cardio in between the week. Typically a couple of 20 minute HIIT or Tabata sessions.


That's a hell of a lot of volume you've got there.


I´d revise this
Is there a particular reason you want to do the oly lifts?
Your Tuesday session has too much lumped together for consistent progression IMO, then you train your grip the day before you train back, which isn´t ideal

I you only want to train 3 days a week, try a two-way split

Just a few thoughts I had when I saw your routine


I've been training for nearly 3 years now. Tried a lot of different routines and found volume is what gets me the best response in terms of lean mass growth. The above is just my 12 week change up routine. Typically I will hit 5 days a week in the gym and have the following set ranges:

Chest - 20
Back - 25
Legs - 30
Shoulders & Abs - 15 & 10
Biceps & triceps - 12 to 15 each


Sure - why not?

Right now, it's this -

Day 1 - Chest/Tri's
1)Flat Barbell BP 5x5
2)Incline Dumbbell Press 5x5
3)Close Grip BP 5x5
4)Skull Crushers 5x5

Day 2 - Back/Bi's/Rear delts
1)Barbell Rows 5x5
2)Dumbell rows (bench supported)5x5
3)Rear delt dumbbell raises 5x5
4)Barbell curls 5x5 (I generally add a drop set at the end)
5)Dumbbell hammer curls 5x5

Day 3 - Legs
1)Barbell Squats 5x5
or (usually alternating weeks)
Machine squats 5x5
2)Stiff-legged DL w/barbell 5x5
Deadlifts 5x5 (again, usually alternating weeks)
3)Calf raise - 3x15-20

Day 4 - Shoulders/Traps
1)Seated military BB press 5x5
2)Delt triad superset consisting of 3 sets of 12 - 15 reps. A)Seated dumbbell side raise/front raise/press x 3
3)Shrugs (bb or Db) 5x5

Sometimes I do more reps if I feel like it, so it's not a strict 5x5 program, but for the most part that's where it's at for me at this time...


Artem, cool your jets man, remember where you were a year ago, you've made good gains, added quite a bit of weight, but you're still young, lets show some more respect buddy.


I'm hitting each body part once a week on a 5 day split. I do 4-5 miles walking on a slight incline on the 2 off days.


Hammer Shoulder Iso- 2 working sets, if I get 5 or less second working set I do a drop set.

Hammer Military machine- 2 working sets, 15,12...this machine isn't close to 300lbs with the stack...and the dbs at my gym only go to 85lbs.

Shrugs- 2 working sets, 15, 12

Side laterals- 2 working sets, 10, 8

Reverse Pec Dec- 2 working sets 10, 8


Hammer Front pulldown- 2 working sets, 5 or less second working set and I break it down.

Hammer Low Row- 2 working sets 15, 12

Hammer MTS row- 2 working sets 10, 8

Neutral grip front pull downs- 12, 10

Seated cable rows- 15, 15

Weighted Hypers- 20, 20, 20, 20


well I'm injured here, but previously it was...

Hammer Incline- 2 working sets, less then 5 second set, break it down.

Hammer Wide Chest- 2 working sets, 12, 12

Incline flyes- 12, 12

flat flyes- 12, 12

Pec dec- 2 as many as I can get


DB curls- 10, 8

Hammer Preacher- 10, 8

Incline Curls- 12, 10

Life fitness iso curl-15, 15

Hammer Dips seat high- 10, 8

french curls- 12, 10

Tricep push downs- 8,8

Life fitness tricep extension-15, 15


Leg Press- 15, 12

V Squat- 10, 8

Leg Extension- 15, 12

Leg curl- 12, 10

looking to work in lunges or stiff legged DLs...but I'm still to gassed to add a fifth exercise...might never get there...I'm going to swap out leg press and V squat for squats and stiff legged DLs soon.

I do abs and calves alternating days.


monday i do chest calves
tues back abs
wed legs
thurs shoulders abs
friday arms calves


sadly i need some power work on saturdays or whenever i can get it done for my sport, if i didn't have shoulder problems from time to time maybe i wouldnt do the rotator cuff work, squats and bench.. AND power cleans, AND deadlifts, AND dips isn't really too much. remember you are not me and your goals and methods don't apply to me


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