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Post Your Results

I thought we can post some results all of us “students” are getting from our Coach, CT. Just a nice way to thank him for all the help he provides.

Started CT’s Layer System 2.5 weeks ago. I haven’t done a single Flat Bench Press rep since. All my chest workouts have been from pins, either slight incline or decline. I ended up lifting with my roommate after a long time so we did Full Flat Bench Press.

Hit a PR of 315 lbs! @ bodyweight of 200

Previous Best was 295lbs last summer at a bodyweight of 210. So 10lbs lighter and 20lbs MORE on Bench Press. Thanks CT. The bar flew off my chest, and the hardest part was lockout, which I know is due to my weak triceps, awesome program.

CT, 3 weeks into your Layer System. High Pulls are working! What you think?

solid endorsement right there!!!

Holy shit! awesome work for 3 weeks!

pretty serious difference in only 3 weeks, awesome man!

The rhomboids, upper/mid traps and lower bakc look twice as thick.

Thanks a lot everyone. Going to keep on rolling with this.