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Post Your Protocol

I would love to go over some of this Site GURU’s current regime’s
And while I realize everybody is different I would like to see some to have an idea on what methods are available…

Me for example cannot get to my happy place…

TRT seems to make me depressed… And when I go from a PCT type restart to taking nothing (tappering off clomid)
I have this 2-3 week span of feeling well after stopping my SERM and waiting for my natural test to take over…

Post em up boys :slight_smile:

There are many years of posts that contain what guys have been doing and I have read more and worked more of those than anyone else here. I have no recommendations beyond what is in the ‘advice for new guys’ sticky and 'protocol for injections.

And I need to point out that TRT is only one aspect of male health. Second seems to thyroid function status. Then there are various levels of mood/depression problems and many of those can be characterized by symptoms typical of low dopamine levels. Add the issues of general health conditions and age related problems and the game gets messy. Some are growth hormone deficient [low IGF-1] and then many cannot get or afford GH to address that. We also have adrenal/cortisol levels, with adrenal fatigue and rT3 to deal with.

What works for some will not achieve the same quality of life benefits in others. Fixing T and E2 levels is typically easy, necessary but not always sufficient. As you can see from posts here, many ‘cases’ are quite complex. There are common threads, but sometimes the threads are tangled. And then add various levels of doctor ignorance, contempt, mal-practice and outright stupidity. Some cannot afford labs or meds.

In order of importance or frequency:
TT and FT - inject | transdermals [if thyroid function OK]
E2 management with aromatase inhibitors [AI], anastrozole or in some cases aromasin
hCG to preserve testes, sometimes a SERM. - doctors can deny or overdose or wrongly combine!

  • monitor TT, FT, E2, HTC, PSA and perform annual DRE’s in older men
  • T tunnel vision stops here, many cases more involved
    thyroid function issues and iodine deficiency - doctors are spectacularly useless with these things
    cortisol, adrenal fatigue, rT3, stress, impact of chronic infections/inflammation etc.
    low cholesterol
    mood issues
    general health problems which fans out in every direction

We have a lot of guys show up with low T levels who assume that they can fix T levels and life will be perfect [ T tunnel vision]. It often is not that simple. Many docs have the same tunnel vision. And the drug reps who ‘detail’ the expensive alternatives to injected T certainly are not interested in telling doctors about the many complexities/complications. I don’t see that doctors are going to generally evolve. But there are a few who care to specialize in these issues. Some are really dedicated. However there is a gold rush of doctors who are only in this for the money.

150mg test cyp per week, split into 2 doses of 75mg.

400IU hCG twice per week.

Getting ready to start HCG. How may ml’s is 250 iu’s? Don’t mean to be stupid just want to get it right. I’m using the insulin syringes for my testosterone cyp. @ .25 of 200mg/ml twice weekly. .25 of adex twice weekly because I seem to be an over responder and on Monday will be starting HCG.

*140mg/week T dosed EOD
*.20mg/week AI dosed EOD

Amazing strength increase, cholesterol down, better erections, libido still could use improvement.

I am thinking about going down to 105mg T/week. I’ve been getting some acne lately, probably due to high free T. I would probably be more balanced with a lower dose.

[quote]mbalmr wrote:
How may ml’s is 250 iu’s? [/quote]

It depends how many units total are in the vial and how much bacteriostatic water you use to reconstitute it. The most common is 10,000/10mL. In that case 250 units is 0.25mL

Okay, gotcha. So if my bottle that’s coming is 5000iu then I need to inject .5 ml ?

Anybody else ?