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Post Your Pre-Workout Routine

Hey guys,

I want to hear about people’s pre-workout ritual. Mainly from the nutritional aspect, I’m curious about things such as: how long before your workout is your last meal? What does your pre-workout meal consist of? I know a lot of you consume some amount of Surge pre-workout, as I have before, but I am a college student and I need to conserve my post-workout drinks. How do you approach pre-workout?

Wake up around 8 and eat breakfast. Go to 9 o’ clock class. Pop bcaas at 10. Start lifting at 10:30.

when bulking I was eating about 1 hr prior to working out (Popeye Smoothie- Berardi) carbs, fats, protein

now that I’m cutting, I’m eating about 2-2.5 hrs prior to workout of a high fat, protein shake and sipping on 10g BCAAs during the workout.

Im a student as well and I can Identify with the saving.

My cost effective plan consists of:
at least three meals prior to working out usually a 2-2.5 hour betwean each meal.

Preworkout 30 minutes before: 5g Creatine, 5g BCAAs, 10 grams glutamine. sometimes about 13 grams whey protein if im hungry

Post workout (directly after workout)- 30g protein shake followed by 15g glutamine 10g Leucine and a little later 10g creatine.

After my post workout mix, I eat a meal about an hour to an 1.5 hours later.

The best investment I’ve made is to buy all supplements in bulk at 5-6 month spans so I can save money for groceries and whatnot.

I go to Tim Hortons, buy a medium coffee, a donut and I’m go to go! Best workout I ever had was after a chocolate dipped donut.

I eat chicken and rice/pasta at around 3:00, and by 4:45 I’m at the gym.

I drive home, change and have a small shake of Power Drive and L-Leucine before I take off too.

Then I get there, do mobility stuff and start training with my gatorade/whey peri-workout shake (with L-Leucine)

Around two hours prior, I have a meal consisting of mostly protein and fat, supplemented with one scoop of L-Leucine.

Then pop ReceptorMax, Rhodiola rosea, and two Spike tablets 30 minutes before.

Finally, I kick off the workout with half a serving of Surge and some additional BCAAs.

I usaully have some creatine and my amino acids mix (Leucine, Glutamine, and other BCAA).

That is usually it. 80 minutes later I have a Surge recovery PW shake and start cooking dinner.

5g BCAA, 5g creatine, 1/2 scoop Surge, and 2-3 kittens depending on how im feeling.

About an hour before my workout, I’ll generally have something with whole grains or wheat in it along with some sort of protein. This can go a number of ways, including sandwiches, some wheat thins and a protein shake, etc. I’ll also take 5 g BCAA immediately before my workout.

This is my morning routine pretty much everyday and has proven to be pretty effective at getting training and healthy meals in on a consistent basis.

Wake up at 5:55 AM.
2 cups of coffee, 1 tbsp heavy cream, cinnamon
Cook breakfast- usually some type of egg scramble w/ veggies, t. sausage/bacon and cheese or if it’s a higher carb day I’ll make an oatmeal pancake and have some berries.
While breakfast is cooking I prep all my meals for the day (I already have meat cooked and stored in fridge.)I take all my meals w/ me in a cooler and they are good for the whole day.
6:00- AM- cook and prep meals
6:30 AM - Eat breakfast
6:45-7:00 - finish meal prep and pack clothes for work.
7:00 AM- ride bike to gym which is also at my place of work.
7:15 AM - 22.5 g bcaa + 5 g creatine sipped throughout workout. Workout finishes around 8:30 AM.

Pre workout:
1/2 cup pineapple
10Gs BCAAs
10Gs Glutamine

Post workout:
1/2 cup pineapple
10Gs BCAAs
10Gs Glutamine
2 scrambled eggs
1/2scoop Grow! Whey

if I get hungry right away I will have multigrain toast with natural peanut butter

When trying to get lean (even while still gaining muscle):

1-2hrs pre workout:

4 eggs, some cheese, either a few nuts or a non-starch veggie. Sometimes bacon. Main thing is to get some protein and fat, but not a huge meal.

30mins (or less) pre workout: 1 or 2 cups of black coffee.

This makes me lean, and I have no energy problems. PWO is similar. Carbs later in the day (mostly fruits and veggies but sometimes with starches).

9 am - breakfast:

oatmeal & quinoa, blueberries, walnuts & cinnamon and a protein shake, large cup of coffee.

11 am - Metabolic Drive bar and fruit.

noon - 1 scoop of Surge, 1 scoop of horse power, heaping tsp of bcaa powder, heaping tsp of glutamine mixed in iced green tea.

12:30 workout

7:30 am - Breakfast:

3 Egg Whites and Steamed Broccoli.
1 Bottle of Water.
2 BCAA’s
1 Teaspoon of Fish Oil

11:00 Snack (Yogurt)

1:00 Lunch
(Salad mixed with Tuna, Chicken Noodle Soup, Protein drink)

3:00 (Green Tea, Protein bar)

7:30 Workout
9:00 Dinner
(Chicken, or Fish with vegetables, usually some red kidney beans too).
2 BCAA’s
1 Teaspoon of Fish Oil

Breakfast -
2 Cups Liquid Egg Whites
3 Fish Oil, 1 Evening Primrose Oil, 1 CLA

30 Min Pre-Workout -
1 Scoop NO Shotgun
10g BCAAs
10g Glutamine

Wake up 4:40Am for weight training

10G BCAA or 1 scoop whey
2tbsp honey
Sip during my weight lifting.

2 hours Before boxing,thai or BJJ.

1 cliff bar or Oatmeal
food source protein (turkey,chicken or can sardine)
2c water

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Scopp and a half of Metabolic Drive and some BCAA’s about 30-45 min. before gym time.

Scopp and a half of Power Drive and some BCAA’s 30-45 min. before gym time.