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I love rum.

You can’t buy the cheap shit.

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I think this is girl / woman thing, right? I don’t see it often with men, but I am not on social media much, and perhaps I am just in a bubble.

I do think it is mostly stupid though.

I don’t understand expensive booze TBH. Maybe I am unrefined. It seems like something that has extreme diminishing returns. The $100+ dollar bottle, I only slightly prefer to the $10 bottle, and that is only sometimes. Could be I am just to frugal. I don’t even pay the extra $5 to go from Admiral Nelson to Captain Morgan.

Same goes for beer. Some of my friends seem to almost have to try the interesting beers on tap. I did that for awhile, and then I realized that I usually don’t even like the odd flavors. So they get their fancy beers that taste like pinesol and I usually get a Premium Grain Belt or Hamm’s.

I was thinking of men tbh, but yes we can also acknowledge the covertly miserable girl boss who doesn’t abide by natural sexual polarity.

“fOcUs oN mYsELF aND mAkE mONey”

Yeah sure…stfu

On the other hand it’s cringey when men think they’re special by clinging onto ideals, values, or people they envy….and they apply none of that.

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A lot of times the higher quality stuff has less impurities and a better crisper taste imo.

There are diminishing returns - I am not talking about to go spend outlandish amounts on what you drink regularly.

But, don’t buy bottom of the barrel shit.

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This is an issue I have with so many products from tools to food to clothes to cars to supplements to electronics and practically everything else. I understand the value of buying quality and am willing to pay more for a product that is better and will last longer/get better results/is healthier. But it seems a lot of time that the more expensive stuff is the same crap with better marketing. I just don’t really have a way of knowing that I’m not just thinking it’s better because it costs more.


This is not such a sully idea.

We have a draw dish washer that is split into 2 draws, one is being filled whilst the other is clean. Works great until your kids put dirty dishes in the clean one :angry:

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  1. Yes.
  2. You’re clueless

Explain qualified immunity in your words… then tell us when you’ve ever had to affect an arrest

So first off, I like your attitude. This is going to be fun.

Women who get aggressive are awesome. Love working with them. Maybe the word tomboys would work here too.

Nope. Never. Didn’t want to ever be a cop.

This is a more conplicated subject, but to sum it up, if you screw up at your job find a different line of work.

In simple terms it protects law enforcement officers when they violate a person’s constitutional rights from charges.

Affecting an arrest or not, you should still be bound to not violating rights with consequences other than the person going free or having charges dropped.

I don’t need to affect an arrest to understand. Last time I checked I have a JD hanging on my wall, licenses in 3 states, clerked for a 9th district criminal
court judge, and understand legalities far better than any law enforcement officer.

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No. It doesn’t. I didn’t think you understood it and you clearly don’t. And clearly too arrogant and pompous to see that.

Clearly. I’m sorry officer, your knee-jerk psychological analysis is exactly the best choice.

Especially with a gun and no consequences.


Obviously, it is more nuanced than my simple answer.

It doesn’t protect from actions that violate a clearly established statutory or constitutional right.

1983 suits open up then as well.

No, I’m educated and understand exactly what it does and doesn’t protect against.

And I still think it should be tossed.

There is a reason attorneys don’t argue legalities with law enforcement and shouldn’t ever have to. There is also a reason why attorneys actually write the laws.

Qualified immunity will end in my lifetime.


I will play football and drink rum for you.


I admit I had to google “qualified immunity” because of my ignorance.

I’ll be that guy, and say that the truth is somewhere in the middle.

The truth is always somewhere in the middle, that’s my hot take…

I think with body cams and the tech of today it is obsolete.

All the myths propping it up are garbage.

And I’m pro LEO, but I call bullshit on qualified immunity.

We can get down into the weeds and specifics on it here if people want.

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  1. WTF are you talking about? Beds are one of the prime delights of life. All snuggled in after a day outside in the cold or in the water or on the trail or at the fair…nothing is better than a bed. Unless it’s a table laden with delicious food. After which, a bed!
  2. Yes, agree, and wish we’d pulled the trigger on that when we built our kitchen.
  3. Don’t care.
  4. Agree.
  5. Can you expand on this, please?
  6. Agree.
  7. No opinion.
  8. Are there not enough currently?
  9. After reading the posts about it, I agree. Like @punnyguy I didn’t really know what it was. But now I am against it.
  10. Rum is very nice when doing beach things. You just have to be careful not to make the drinks too juicy/sweet. We’ve been making a cross between an Arnold Palmer and a tropical rum thing for a couple of years after mistakenly getting an Arnold Palmer on Martha’s Vineyard and (little drunk) sharing both drinks by pulling from the two straws. It was better than either drink. So now we do 1 part each cranberry and tea, 1/2 part lemonade and pineapple, and 3 rums (basic, coconut, dark) to taste. It’s super yummy. I understand that as a top notch chef-type you may be wrinkling your nose, but there it is.

Hot take: my drink is super yummy, and anyone who thinks it’s not is a BIG SNOB.


I’ve Googled it more than once and I’m still not 100% sure I get what it means.

I am on not a stupid man, but legalese and tax stuff makes me feel that way.

I believe QI must exist in some shape or form, but I don’t know the technicalities necessary to debate @Bauber or any JD.

I see it as very similar to malpractice insurance for doctors.

You can’t ask people to rush into a chaotic situation and generate good outcomes every time. A trauma surgeon won’t save everyone they treat and a cop won’t execute a flawless victory over every asshole they are tasked with controlling.

Cops have an extra element of chaos in the form of violence and threats to their personal safety that doctors don’t often have to worry about.

The people responding to the worst situations that materialize deserve a lot of protection from personal lawsuits.

Sue the department all day.