🔥 Post Your Hot Takes... Even the Oddly Specific Ones

Not the kid, but other parents should be able to discipline the shitty parents.


Spoiler alert: there were no survivors


I can agree to that.

Ribs for lunch…ribs for dinner. Its a good day


If you say something to the effect of “you can’t yell fire in a movie theater” to argue there are limitations on free speech, you should have your citizenship revoked.

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My response is, what if there is a fire?


What if I identify as fire you bigot?


We didn’t start the fire
It was always burning, since the world’s been turning

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REM did it first, and better, than Billy
Joel’s boomer don’t blame us shit.

A “leader” who doesn’t know how to delegate or get things done is fcking useless.

Oh and let’s not forget vague communication that doesn’t lead from Point A to Point B.

You ain’t seen nothin yet!

If you’re energetic, dilligent and intelligent you’re going to run into this a lot.

A lot of people want to do the absolute minimum (or less) that they can get away with and still get a paycheck. These are the stumps of the world.

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If he knows how to get things done, why delegate?

Pareto Principle.


If you’re kid is obese, you are committing child abuse.


1.) Beds are unnecessary. Sleeping on the ground is much better.
2.) Every house should have two dishwashers, one dirty, one clean that you switch between, and no stupid cabinets.
3.) American football is dumb.
4.) Alcohol, tobacco, and guns should all be regulated the same way.
5.) Universal healthcare will actually benefit businesses.
6.) Churches should not be tax exempt.
7.) Aliens don’t exist. Maybe microbes.
8.) There need to be more butch women.
9.) Qualified immunity is bullshit.
10.) Rum is gross.


How many houses have you seen with cabinet space with a total volume less than or equal to two dishwashers?

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Once. I was a private chef for a finance partner in NYC, but damn it made stuff easier.

Humans have gone from caves, to castles, to tents.

Why do you feel this was a hot take?

Order of operations is a convention about how to write math expressions that doesn’t have a deeper underlying motivation. Math problems built around order of operations are meaningless gotcha questions.


Rugby is the answer

Agreed on both counts.

Bold statement. Aliens might exist - but why would ultra intelligent lifeforms who could travel across start systems (presumably) give a rats ass about Earth?

Explain what you mean by “butch”

Definitely the worst hard liquor.

You are dumb.

Can you explain this further lol?

100% yes.

100% yes.

You are gross.

With #3 and #10 and then #4 pending, I don’t think we can be friends :smiley: (kidding the older I get the more I don’t care about sports. I don’t really ever want my son to play football - his older body will thank him for it).

Posting some motivational or philosophical quote on social media doesn’t mean you’re doing shit.

Enough with the charades clown, get to work.

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