🔥 Post Your Hot Takes... Even the Oddly Specific Ones

Horse girls seem okay I guess. I don’t really know any.

Horses on the other hand suck and are assholes.

I have ridden a few times and wanted to do nothing more than put a few rounds in the large animal’s tiny brain.

I will take a gas powered vehicle that I am in full control of every day 100% of the time over a stupid horse.

Yeah they are majestic and pretty and blah blah blah, but they are useless.

Horses are outdated and best used for glue.

Are you some sorta Yankee?

Well, I was born in Baltimore, but I have been raised in the deep south my entire life. My entire family is also from the deep south.

I own thousands of acres of land and horses are worthless.

I have not. I don’t need an animal that big thinking for itself. In fact, I don’t need an animal to sit on either.

Cats- love 'em. Have had cats since the day I was born. They’re nice, cuddly predators. Thats a good mix!

Dogs- same. Like a canine buddy that is smart enough to be a jagoff but usually isn’t.

Fox- wierd little cross up like a catdog. Kinda neurotic though.

African Gray Parrot- really neat, kind of a pain in the ass. Will bite the shit out of people randomly.

Common theme: You don’t sit on them.

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My great grandfather farmed his entire life.

He bought my dad a pony when he was little and it kept trying to run him off under low laying magnolia branches.

My great grandfather tried to break it and it did the same to him.

He shot it in the head and composted it. We would have gotten along splendidly.

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Cats are my spirit animal

If I ever settle down, I’m going to get a cat and name it Heinz


As I type this my cat Derpy is running upside down along the bottom of the furniture.


Very deeply indeed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Went to school in Iowa with many a horse girl. Can confirm this is true.

So horsegirls, no, but cowboys yes?

I’m gonna come out and say it: ribs are 100% superior to steak.


That is a hot take. Disagree, I’ll take a ribeye any day over ribs.



agree. there’s something uniquely satisfying about chewing meat off the bone. Same goes for turkey legs

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MAYBE beef ribs. MAYBE.


On god bruh,

I had beef short ribs sitting on a big ol pile of grits last week, and I tore it up.

I could’ve gotten a ribeye, but those ribs were calling my name on the restaurant menu.

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Definitely beef ribs. I am making those for lunch today!

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Cats sound great on paper. Tiny predators, shit in one space, cool acrobatics.

But they’re not. That paper is false advertising.

When a dog falls down the stairs, I’ll get concerned. When a cat does, it’s hilarious.


Because the plate space occupied by the steak could be occupied by MORE RIBS!


Yabba dabba doo!

Edit: Case in point. Lunch is served

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If your child is climbing on window sills and/or being a general nuisance in public other people should be allowed to discipline your kid.

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