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Post Your Favourite Vegetable

Someone had to do it…


Spanish Onion

grilled asparagus

ummmmmmmmmmm does mixed bag of frozen veggies count?

If not then …


Asparagus hands down

Extra virgin olive oil, crushed garlic, a little salt, and asparagus mixed in a plastic bag and left to marinate for 60 minutes or so then grilled is exquisite.


Toss up between Tomatos and Broccoli…

I eat Tomatos every day, so they get the nod by default.

tomatoes and jalapenos blended together in my homemade salsa…as for cooked, green beans, black beans…also raw spinach and romaine lettuce.



Green Beans. I eat them at every meal. French cut boiled, roasted, steamed, all good.

baby carrots… yeah…
Avacados too

Vidalia onions

now I have to try some asparagus in a bag.

I can eat avocado/guacamole all day long.

However, today, I had my first solid meal of my V-Diet and I had sliced tomato with mozzarella cheese, and it was everything I hoped it would be.

Onions seem to be the winner!

at the moment cabbage. few months ago I could not get enough onions.

The mighty turnip!

Veggies? What are those?

Was going to post a pic of Stephen Hawkings, but thought that might be in bad taste. :wink:

Sweet potatoes/yams. Extremely rich in vitamins and minerals, and I’ve just always loved the taste.

Spaghetti squash with ragu and parm. YUM.

Terry Schiavo