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Post Your Current Split

Alright guys - the title says it all - post your current split/exs/rep scheme for comment!

Day 1- Upper Body Physical Therapy
Day 2- Lower body PT
Day 3- Upper Body PT
Day 4- Off
Day 5- Upper Body PT
Day 6- Lower Body PT
Day 7- Off


Was running PPL (PC style) over a 4 day split. I’m
Working from home (due to c-virus) and have a fully equip gym (live in BKK) so am training more as an able to eat, sleep and recover optimally.

Weights at 6.am - 7.am
Heavy 1 hour weighted walk (w-vest and ankle/arm weights) and abs/mobility at about 3.pm

Mon - back/hams/glutes
Tues - chest/shoulders
Wed - cardio
Thurs - arms
Friday - legs (quad focus)
Sat - chest/back/traps
Sun - off/very light cardio

Loving it so far

Hating being stuck at home but still keeping as much as I can to the king beef workout split that’s helped me massively.

Who’d have thought extra volume was what I needed.

So Monday is chest
6 sets of push ups to failure
4 sets dips (on chairs) to failure
Single leg Calf raises on the stairs 5 x failure

Tuesday legs
Lunges 3x 12 (Es) 30 seconds rest
Squat 3 x 12 SS with Squat jump 3 x 12 30 seconds rest
Split squats 3 x 12 30 seconds rest
Step up to chair 3 x 12 (es) SS with Single leg glute bridge 3 x 12 (es)
5 lunge jumps 1 x 1 minute SS with Squat pulses (pulse at bottom of squat) 1 x 1 minute

Pike push ups 4 sets to failure
Lat raises with a chair 4 sets to failure
Lat raises with a band 3 sets to failure

Close grip push ups 4 sets to failure
Tricep extension using a windowsill 3 x failure

10 sets of rows using 3 chairs like a crucifix.
Dip shrugs on two chairs
Calves single leg on stairs 5 x failure

Hating it but getting a good pump and better than nothing.

One thing I have noticed is that my right calf has half the amount of reps as the left leg. So on single leg calf raises I can get 20 on my left leg but only 7 hard reps on my right.

Think I need to work my calf’s as single legs from now on.

Fortitude Training

Day 1 (Upper focus) - (8-12 rep range)
A1) Rack pull up
A2) DB pullover
x2 supersets (2nd superset taken to failure) - then static lat stretch

B1) Dips
B2) DB Fly
x2 supersets (2nd superset taken to failure) - then loaded pec stretch, e.g. bottom position of DB fly

C1) Viking press
C2) Lat Raise
x2 supersets (2nd superset taken to failure)

Lower body pump (high reps)
A1) backward sled pull
A2) Leg extensions
x1 superset (to failure) - static stretch

B) Bodyweight walking lunges x 1 set (failure) - static stretch

C) Leg curls (reverse 21s) - static stretch

C) Calf work - loaded stretch

DAY 2 (Lower focus)
Bit like above reversed

DAY 3 (Upper) - Muscle Rounds (1-2 movements per muscle group)
DAY 4 (Lower) - Muscle Rounds

Muscle Rounds = rest pause sets using 12-15RM. Do sets of 4 reps with 10s RIs. Aim for 6 sets. Static/loaded stretch after each muscle group.

The way this is set up means you are training each body part 3 times a week. Volume is pretty low/moderate. The mixture of modalities mean you have a type of daily undulating periodisation. There is room to tinker, e.g. for the high rep pump work you can do everything from straight high rep sets, to reverse 21s, to occlusion work.


Day 1: Calves/Hams/Glutes
Day 2: Back
Day 3: Chest
Day 4: Calves/Quads
Day 5: Shoulders
Day 6: Arms

Lather, rinse, repeat. I only take days off when I feel I need it or my schedule doesnt allow me to train; maybe once every few weeks.

squat layers and cluster pull up
bench layers and cluster pullups

working 84 hours a week in a lumber yard so i just rotate between those workouts when i can rn 3-4 times a week. every thing else gets hit nicely from the volume of moving shit and being new to the job

Currently running thors gym lift power program by Sebastian Oreb. It’s the plan he used going into the 2019 Arnold minus the strong man implements and using appropriate loading for me.


Days 1 squat focus
Days 2 press focus
Days 3 deadlift posterior chain focused
Day 4 bench focus

Details are in my log. It’s been fun. I’m in the first block and it’s just linear at the moment but it starts changing as we go. I’ve ran it rep for rep so far and I’m loving it.

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I do squats, goblet squats, chin-ups, db ohps and floor presses mostly for 4 sets of high reps 5 times per week.


I started the 531 strong man programme on Kentucky Strong.

Made some minor changes as I lack enough weight to make dead lifting hard work. And whilst I can make some strong man equipment at home I do not have the time at the moment. So I’m just repeating the upper and lower body days. My work outs are structured like this at the moment:

  1. Upper body,
  2. Bike ride – 1h for conditioning
  3. Lower body
  4. Day off


Sometimes the bike ride swaps days to after leg day (those are called bad days!)

Upper body day:


531 press

531 Incline bench with drop sets

2 sets of pull ups to failure (rapidly improving)

Band pull a parts 2x20

Optional based on time and energy

Lat raises and Bi curl SS

Core – leg rises

Lower body


531 front squat with a back squat widow maker set. Once I can get to 20 reps with all the weight I have I’m just going to keep going. If I can do 40 reps with 135kg – I’ll officially call myself a “bad ass”.

Lunges (will work to split squat) 3-5 sets of 10 (each leg)

Core – suitcase walk

Optional based on time and energy

Romanian dead lift

One Arm rows (I know these are upper body but I want to improve my back strength) 1 working set. Aiming for 10 at 60kg in the next few weeks.

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