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Post Your 2012 Goals


I notice we don't have a 2012 thread for next year yet.

My goals are:

Bench 185

DL 350

Squat 300

Achieve perfect form :slightly_smiling:

Do well in my Febuary meet and go to nationals

Lower my A1c to between 5-6

and of course lose 20-30 lbs of fat :stuck_out_tongue:


^^ Sick goals ronda, good luck!

My goals:

Deadlift: 225
Squat: 165
Bench: 135
Add at least 100 pounds to my powerlifting total in a meet.
Gain 10 pounds.
Do a handstand (this has been a goal of mine every New Year's, I never work for it or get it)

Maybe 2012 is my year!

Good luck everyone with your goals.


Free standing handstand or against a wall handstand?


My goals:

Weightlifting wise:
DL: 250
Squat: Being able to do so without knee pain!
Bench: 135

Highland games:
Stone: Get aggressive with the bitch. I want my Open Stone over 30' and my Braemar consistently over 22'
Light weight (14#): 55-60'
Heavy weight (28#): 30'
Light hammer (12#): 75'
Heavy hammer (16#): 60'
Caber: Turn the bitch more often!
Weight over bar (28#): 11'6"-12'

Lean down and maintain weight close to 135#
Take the last exam I need to and apply for my P.Eng.

I know this is a lot to try to get better at at once, but I think I can do it. I'm sooooo close to hitting a lot of those numbers in the games but they're serious benchmarks for the women. Being able to accomplish even one of those would make me happy :slightly_smiling: All of them? Rockstar!


I'm pretty sure I could do a wall handstand so ideally I'd like to do a free standing one. I have the strength to do it but I get freaked out about falling the other way lol


Gain the recommended amount of weight through my pregnancy! (25-35lb... leaning more toward the 25 :wink:
Maintain my current fitness level (since I obviously can't progress too much...)
Get plenty of SLEEP!!!!
Start training for my next Figure competition at the end of 2012.


2012 Goals

  1. finish PT cert, and nutrition cert
  2. lower BF to under 18% at least once.
  3. overhead squat 135lbs
  4. DL 365
  5. Back squat 260
  6. Bench 175
  7. have full visible 6 pack again.
  8. Dip + 70 lbs
  9. dead hang pull up +45 lbs.



holy shit kells is pregnant?

no really. the fuck? kells was the only FA log i ever bothered to try to keep up with. (no offense, honest. sposed to be a compliment)

ok, ok i have goals.

by february- 3 mile run, 8 minute miles.

by my april meet- 3 plates, 2 plates, 4 plates. by the end of the year, more.

read for myself. a lot. I have about 5 books in my queue.

take the next promotional test at the job i have now, by april.

get through the application process for my ninja job.

show my parents and my family how much i appreciate them.


but really, kells is pregnant? i'll need a PM with FB and log linky info. jeebus.


My current goals are more physique oriented than PL oriented so I'm not really sure about 2012 numbers goals. I know what I want to achieve long term, but I'm really just training to maintain strength on the big 3 at the moment.

  1. GFH (get closer to 150 this winter without being any fatter than I already am)

  2. See all 6 of my abs this summer and look freakin' awesome.

  3. Keep up with mobility/prehab.

  4. Do at least 1 PL meet this year.

  5. Current meet bests are 265/135/275. I want something like 300/155/300 (or better yet, 315/170/315) but I'll worry more about that when the time comes.

  6. 185 front squat, 95+ (strict) press.

  1. complete the bicep tendonesis rehab, just about there.
  2. go to the dark side and learn multiply gear.
  3. in the 165's, preferably the 148's with:
    525 squat
    350 bench
    405 deadlift

  4. be a better mom, wife and friend

  5. wrap CBear's knees sooo tight she cries..., what are friends for?


holy sheeeeeet


im pretty sure id apeshit yell and hulk smash things before i cried. crying is something i just don't do.

id rather shit in public.


So I have chosen to switch from the ever popular Facebook and came here. I believe a much healthier choice in going forward in my 2012 goals.


Qualify for Olympia again but at a 168 weight class, meaning that I have to lose about 50lbs. Which could bring down my lifts but I feel like it's more important to get my weight under control right now.

DL:400lbs raw

Bench:160lbs raw

Squat: 245lbs raw (improve my form immensely)

I want to try and do at least two competitions before September as well.


Lifting Goals for 2012...
Body Weight to be over 50kg
Bench - at least 45kg
Squat - 70-80kg
Deadlift - 120kg

Compete at local, state and national powerlifting comps including some 3 lift comps (only done single lift comps so far).


DL: 225x3 (I expect this early in 2012)!
BENCH: One plate
SQUAT: 225x3 with perfect form....

I intend to keep maintaining/gaining/gaining strength til spring.
Diet 2/1 or 3/1 undecided.... cut down tp 135ish 15% whenever I see more abs than jut the obliques...
And then set new goals :slight_smile:

Thats it.

Oh and I wanna meet up with Dasher in 2012!


I'm just making these numbers up but what the hell. Focus will be weighlifting & diving.

Try out a competition at one stage just to see, I'm not going to jeopardise any enjoyment I get from oly lifting though.
Snatch 50kg
C&J 60kg
Squat 90kg
*Get knees in order (need to think this one through)
*Keep shoulder in working order with YTWL's & some pulling exercises

CMAS Rescue Diver
30+ dives
--Lead a few of those
*Back to 40 lengths in the pool by adding an extra length every week

Find a lunch time yoga or something class to go to go to once a week
Get more protein in me
Find some time to meditate/visualise & all that stuff to be mentally balanced



there has got to be some more by now...


20 pounds LBM for 2012.


Drink my coffee black. That's it..fucking intense!


My goals are entirely dependant upon my body parts either fixing themselves (if they're broken) or not getting worse (if they're just gnarly. I don't think I have any body parts that don't give me trouble, joint-wise).

IF my back behaves, I want to pull 120kg. Once I get this goal, I will obviously add to it.

IF I can overcome my squat problem (feeling woozy after a few reps, basically), I would at some point like to squat my bodyweight.

I have no bench goal because my shoulder has been knackered for 20 years and tends to get pissy if I try to bench.

Running goals are entirely dependant upon whether my achilles calms down and my foot problem proves manageable. I would like to do some races, though, and preferably another half marathon. But there are some big ifs there.

Mostly, though, I want to lose some flab and have visible abs by my holiday in June. I don't need the whole sixpack - four will do me. I've never seen the buggers so anything will be a result.