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I am starting a cutting phase, but want to minimize my muscle loss. I will lift weights as super sets and then do about 30-45 minutes of cardio afterwords. My questions is should i drink my PWO shake right after i lift or should i drink it after my cardio session is completely finished??? Also what should i do about my PWO shake if i am lifting till like 8:30 but plan to go to sleep aroung 10 or 10:30?? Just dont know if this will increase fat gains as it will be a lot of carbs right before bed. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. THANKS

Your PWO drink will go to restoring your muscle glycogen and help preserve LBM even right before bed. You need those carbs inorder to help preserve as much LBM as possible while deiting.

Now as far as after cardio. Are you saying you are folowing your weight session with a cardio session??? If so, well I would really say before so it does not turn into just a muscle burning cardio session.

I would suggest that you seperate the two. During cutting times even more. You are in a catabolic state following the weights and you are just feeding that fire by doing the cardio.

Thats my opinion anyway.

Dont sweat the carbs at night though, as long as they are after your w/o, you are A.O.K.

Hope that helps,

Gotta disagree with you here Phill. Of course that is if the cardio in question is medium intensity (still able to talk normally during the activity). I have seen this question addressed on T-nation before (I forget which author). The immediate PWO window lasts just about 45 minutes, so as long as you drink your Surge right after cardio that would be the best time for it. We are splitting hairs here though and how much of a difference it would make really depends on how advanced a trainee is and how lean they are looking to become.

My feeling is if you drink Surge, then hit the treadmill, all you are doing is buring those carbs you just drank. IMO 10 to 20mins of low intensity cardio will not hurt your muscle gains. Like the above poster stated, the post-workout window is about 0 to 45mins following the last weight hitting the floor. As long as you arn’t increasing your heartrate, you should be a ok. Granted there are other here that know a HELL of a lot more than I do. But sometimes the information can overwhelm you and you’ll question everything you know. Don’t let that happen, have faith.


I throughly agree and possibly disagree. There are simply to many variables we dont know. Type/time of cardio. Fitness level of the person in question, etc…

If you are hitting a hard weight session and the doing some higher intensity jogging and such, well good luck. Where as if you are doing some lower intensity work then sure. Go for it.

There is alos the points JB and others have nade with Surge niot having a negative effect on fat burning PWO. If one were to consume there Surge after the w/o and then hit some low intensity cardio that simplty taps into FAT as it primary source then most of the Carbs from the Surge should go to refilling glycogen and the body will still use Fat as a fuel source.

Once again depending on the athelete. If they are super lean then possibly not, but a regular Joe or over weight person, then most likely. The body will want to restore those depleted levels and will burn the excess fat stores. Also the blood flow during the low intensity cardio after the Surge should help to event further shutttle the aminos and Carbs into the LBM.

But yes once again so damn many variables. I simply prefer to seperate the two sessions and call it ALL GOOD.

Let keep on splitting hairs though. Thats what were here for, attack all these subject from every possible angle and opinion, the more the merrier IMO.