Post Workout

I know that this has been beaten to the ground many of times. And I have searched but havent found an answer. So please bear with me.

I am doing the T Dawg Diet, I currently takin Grow immediatly post workout. My question is the meal after. Insulin levels are still preety high. Should I take in another 50grams mainly complex carbs and some slow absorbing protein like Chicken or Cottage Cheese. with that meal.

I know that it is recommended to take in the second carb meal at breakfast but I really don’t respond well to carbs in the morning so I prefer to take post workout.

Another thing I work sometime post workout I know that I should take a P+F meal, is it possible to take a Grow bar as long as I stay under my Carbs total for the day.

Thanks for the replies. And I apologize If I missed it when I did the search.

Your second post workout meal sounds perfect, but Grow is not the perfect post workout drink - Surge is. After a workout you need fast absorbing protein (whey) and fast absorbing carbs (like maltodextrin).