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post workout

I Need To know, what is the best recommended post workout sup. i’ve Been reading a lot and I’m very confused. There is so much sh… out it’s unbelieveable. I thought a protein shake was al i needed but now I don’t know. Also can anyone tell me what nitromine is and why it’s so expensive.

Hey bud, glad you asked. First, I would recommend “Solving the Post-workout Puzzle” Parts one and two (just type it in the search engine). This goes into some of teh science

Essentially what you want is protein in the blood (in the form of amino acids) during and after the workout (for at least six hours). This means that you can eat either some easily digested protein (whey) just before you workout and after. Or you can eat some slow-digesting protein (chicken, tuna, casein) well before you work out and keep on eating it afterward.

As well, muscle glucose is your main fuel source when working with weights (cardio uses some glucose and some fat). You want to replenish this after you work out. Unfortunately, only glucose is really useful for recovery (you’ll want to avoid fructose and galactose) so don’t use table-sugar or fruit or milk as your recovery carbs. I always suggest a honey sandwich after you work out along with a whey protein shake.

Lots of people like Biotest’s Surge, and not just “ringers” for the company either. BUT (and I mean it), I don’t think that you’re yet doing enough damage during a workout to justify it - since you’re so new to this game.

Personally, what I do is have ~30g of protein in a pre-workout shake (at least 1 hour before I work out, because that’s how long it takes whey to get into the blood). Then, post-workout I take ~ 80g of carbs (in the form of bread, actually - since starch is just a form of glucose) along with 50g of protein. THEN, about an hour or two after that I have a P+C meal (protein and carb) using a slow-digesting carb and a slow-digesting protein (eg. tuna and peas). Hope this helps. Read those articles too.

Surge is a great choice. Run a search of the previous issues for “Solving the Post-Workout Puzzle” and “Precision Nutrition for 2002 and Beyond.” Berardi knows his stuff:)

Nitromine (which I have never heard of) sounds like a brand name - 'cause it’s sure not a chemical.

I would suggest not getting it. I’ve been of the stance that you throw in supplements after you’ve been training and eating properly. THEN you can tell if they have an effect.

For starters try going to the main page and typing “post workout” into the search engine. Then read “recovery update”, “Solving the Post-Workout Puzzle” and “Behind the Scenes” (it’s about Surge). This will give you a good foundation and should clear up a lot of confusion.

GO to the search engine and put in Carbohydrate roundtable and read it. it explains all. teh best i have found is biotest Surge, right after i am done my last set i drink it while i am still in the gym. Then when i get get home i have two servings of Grow by biotest, with all my antioxidants. Works well for me give it a whirl.

Still looking for the magic pill? Surge, for post workout. Keep reading.

Thanx guys for the info. I’m gonna continue to get the necessary knowledge and hopefully things will work out. i don’t want Grow yet because I’m trying to lose weight. Surge sounds good but my funds are low, wifey is having a fit about the money I’ve spent trying to get “right”.
P.S. I’m gonna lose more weight and hopefully cut up with methoxy-7 which was advised to me previously. I already ordered it and it’s due tuesday.

“i don’t want Grow yet because I’m trying to lose weight.”

Oh man, did you ever pick the right forum name! LOL!

Maybe try a little less writing, and a little more reading, training and calculating a good diet plan. Just a thought.

Nitromine and Glutacene are both EXCELLENT products from a company called PRD. The person behind the company is Paul Burton and the scientist behind the products is Eric Serrano, MD, one of the most sought-after experts on sports nutrition and training. Eric worked with/for Beverly International for a long time and developed their excellent protein called Ultra Size. I cant answer why the cost of nitromine is so high.

Peace, I just assumed because of the name it was something else. I already have something similar to that and it’s called myoplex. I have two different types. I have myoplex mass which I have been taking after workouts and I have there precision formula which I take right before bed.

Clueless, since you are trying to lose weight, I am gonna call for Meltdown or Fat to Fire, both awesome training programs. As far as diet, either T-dawg or Don’t Diet/Lean Eatin’. Save your money and drop any supps, except protein powder/MRP’s (which are not supps anyhow). Concentrate instead on getting the diet right and training your butt off. Don’t worry too much! You have come to the right place brother.
P.S. As far as post-workout goes, go with what the above posters have said.

clueless, you don’t have to spend a boatload of money on post-workout concoctions that you can make on your own with :1)any decent protein powder 2)grape juice 3)skim milk 4)creatine (optional). Just use a scoop or two of whey, 8 oz. grape juice and 8 oz. milk, add the creatine if desired and there you have, my friend, a decent post-workout shake.

Hey, the more I read the more I notice every company sells the same shit! Thanks To everyone who has given feedback to my questions. I’m not spending anymore money on all the b.s. The only thing I will get is the protein stuff until I totally grasp eating properly.
It’s quite obvious (finally) that what I need to do is eat properly and workout.