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Post Workout ?

On a fat loss program. Going to be mainly fat and protien, but after working out I was going to do a 1:1 ration of protien/carbs. Calories will be around 2400 at a bodyweight of 266. Activity is metcons 3x/week, sprints 2-3x/week, and bjj 1-2x/week. Mostly wondering if the pw carbs. are a good idea or should I axe them?


carbs are fine pwo. I do very little carbs throughout the day (some from green beans/peanuts, occasionally peas) then do a big bowl of chicken and rice pwo (usually 100g carbs) and I drop fat fine.

Plus if you’re doing so much sprinting/bjj, I don’t think having some carbs will be bad for you at all.

Try your plan and see what happens. Adjust as need be. We tend to complicate stuff too much. Stop thinking too much, start doing more :wink:

But yes, if you’re gonna eat carbs, I’d save them PWO

Thank you for the responses. We (I) definitely tend to complicate things. I learned a long time ago it is the bare basics that work with training. Finally coming around to realizing it applies to nutrition as well. Thanks again.