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post workout ?

Has anyone read “Natural Hormone Enhancement” by Rob Fagin. It is similar to the anabolic diet. The book is full of good information on how your body’s hormones react to what you do and what you eat. The only thing I disagree with is that he suggests a protein+fat meal post exercise because he says an insulin spike from carbs would halt fat burning and growth hormone release. He also says that the fat consumed post exercise will raise testosterone levels when needed most(post exercise). Is this information valid?

I’ve been doing the only or mostly protein before workout, and his protein shake recipe directly after, then an hour or so later, I eat a protein/med-to-high carb meal because it replaces glycogen and any extra carbs are burned up by the “workout metabolism” I feel. I follow the diet, but not to a T. I lost 15 lbs, but lost no muscle, and kept it off. My after workout shake: 13,14oz of cold water; 1 ice cube, 3,4, tablespoons, probably as much as twice as more, I go by judgment of heavy whipping cream; 2or so teaspoons of olive oil (virgin of course!); 2 1/2 scoops of Atkins low carb chocolate protein powder; 10 grams Nature’s Best L-glutamine powder, and 3/4 scoop of Twinlab Super Whey Fuel, and mix for a minute, oh yes!!!

I have an article lying around somewhere about a study comparing protein, carbohydrate, and protein+carbohydrate consumption post workout. The protein+carbs group replenished muscle glycogen quicker than the other two groups. Faigins book is great overall, but I don’t understand how he arrived at his post w/o recommendations- they are not backed by science and indeed ,unlike the rest of his book, he does not provide any references for this particular recommendation. Considering the goal of the evening carb meals Faigin recommends is to replenish muscle glycogen, and the fact that glycogen storage enzyme activity is elevated after a workout (meaning carbs will be preferentially used for glycogen replenishment as opposed to fat storage), protein+carbs immediately after a workout would be the way to go. Good luck.

Thanks for the info guys. Sounds like I’ll keep drinking my surge.