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Post Workout: What to Take with my Protein?


Alright, here's the deal: I'm something of a newbie so it's been only recently that I've taken to protein powders. I like to take 30g right after my workout. What I want to know is what would the best thing I can eat my protein powder with for max anabolic effect. For instance I think protein powder + a bit of coca cola is a winning combination because of the insulin spike and stuff. From what I've been reading you need bit of fast burning carbs to get the good stuff to the muscles as fast as possible. Anyway, based on you experience what is best mixed with protein for your postworkout meal?


I've always been partial to PopTarts with my PWO Whey shakes :slight_smile:



I would suggest you read the following:


Good luck.


I've always liked and gotten great results with basic whey isolate or hydrolyzed whey and 50-100 grams of either oats, vitargo, or waxy maize. Pretty simple, but it works for me!


Stu just got his Pro Card too, so he might be looking at a lucrative Pop Tart sponsorship.



I've been reading about Pop Tarts PWO for years.

I usually consume them PWO when I'm in the mid-to-late stages of bulking though...


Oh yeah,.. working on getting my own 'special for a limited time' flavor too! (I'm thinking PB and Choc Metabolic Drive?)



My pwo shake consists of 60+ grams of whey, orange juice and a heaping tablespoon of sugar blended with a few ice cubes. Tastes like an orange julius or an orange creamsicle!


I recommend Vitargo S2 combined with a protein shake. Another option is consuming an apple with a protein shake.


Why? Based on personal experience?

Not to be a complete dick but usually rank beginners should refrain from giving advice to other beginners. Just because you read something online doesnt mean its ok to post it on a forum. Personal experience > parroting information, regardless of how good the info is.


I've been doing 2 scoops vanilla Grow! with 2 scoops of straight dextrose because I'm poor and can't afford Surge.

It tastes like vanilla fudge and yields about 40 grams protein and 60 grams simple carbs.


Have you tried moving the simple carbs to pre workout and finishing them during the workout?

Started doing that a few years ago and haven't looked back


same here. 2 scoops ON whey, 60-80g dextrose or maltodextrin (whichever i have available). Surge would be nice too.


Agreed, I switched my approach to focus more on PRE supplementation instead of POST, and the effect has been dramatic to say the least. Definitely attributed to my recent contest performance (as well as the guys I prepped implementing it as well, both walking away with multiple trophies!)




Also, OP, I've always used 40-55 grams whey protein powder, along with 40-70 grams carbs post workout. Personally, I've never really noticed a difference when using varying carbs sources. Make sure you don't neglect post-post workout nutrition...aka eating a well rounded meal 1-2 hours after your post workout shake.


i have been doing this recently until im able to try out the Anaconda protocol. i havent been doing it but for a week so i wasnt going to comment on any results as of yet.


Coincidentally, yes, I started doing that a while back 'cuz I got hungry in the middle of a session and I realized that it kept me going a while longer.

Interesting to see that others have experienced good things from it too.


would there be any benefit to mixing both maltodextrin and dextrose together with whey for a post workout shake?


How about some dried fruit such as raisins?


No idea, haven't tried maltodextrin as I can't find anywhere local that sells it.

Dried fruit has fiber, which to my knowledge, lessens the insulin response from the massive dose of simple carbs. Also, fruit sugar is predominantly fructose, which has to be broken down to glucose, whereas dextrose starts out as glucose.

Take my kitchen-chemist explanations with a grain of salt, I'm just parroting stuff (probably incorrectly too).