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Post-Workout Supplements Type 1b

Hi Coach,

Currently I am taking 1g taurine, 1g glycine and a serving of ElitePro Minerals post workout, and also ZMA and 1g of taurine before bed.

My question is regarding if I would be better off taking larger doeses of taurine and/or glycine, maybe take only one at a time. I know you are a big advocate of glycine and also mention taurine a lot for calming the nervous system, so I’m not sure if I take both together, both at different times in higher doses, what would you suggest?

Regarding ElitePro Minerals and ZMA (Biotest), is it worth taking both on workout days and only ZMA on rest days, or should I only use one of them, if so would it be post workout or pre bed on training days?

Thank you for your work and help Coach

I’m also a 1B. Personally I find glycine makes me super lazy and out of it, even the next day. So I almost never take it. ZMAs I have taken every single night for years and feel great. Those definitely help me sleep better. I haven’t taken the others

To be fair I never taken more than 1g of glycine at once but so far I haven’t experienced laziness especially not stretching into the next day. I do get dosile after training but that was happening even before I added glycine to the mix.

I couldn’t agree more, pre-bed ZMA has been a part of my regular regime for years, it’s only recently I started taking Elitepro Minerals post-workout, I’m just not sure if it’s worth spending on both.

Thank you, I really appreciate your input.

its too much you dont need both

Thank you. I’m assuming that’s for the Elitepro and the ZMA, should I split the glycine and taurine too?

i sometimes use glycine. I dont like taurine it make me anxious i dont know why

That’s an interesting one, I took taurine up to 2g at once and so far didn’t experience anxiety or any discomfort. Same with glycine. But interestingly I don’t have an intense reaction to most supplements. For example everyone says how beta-alanine makes your skin tingle, I never once felt it.

so i often use glycine, i like Vit C 1g with magnesium glycinate post workout too

I was on vit c for a long time post-workout but there was a lot of content on t-nation as well about how it interferes with certain processes that help muscle growth, although it’s not my primary goal I don’t want to waste potential, so I take it at a different time. I don’t know if its the magnesium glycinate or the whole combo of elitepro (as it has mag glycinate in it) but I feel that has some effect on my recovery, health and CNS as well, taken post workout.

i think CT use vit C postworkout i remember he talked about it but what is interferes with the process ?

One that stuck with me was, and that’s if I remember correctly, vit c as an antioxidant has anti inflammatory effects, but you need the type of inflammation training causes in the hours around your workout, but I’m not sure if I’m 100% correct. There were some other things mentioned but I can’t remember. I know it stuck with me that vit c should be taken away from workouts

ok like the Omega supplements !

Yeah something like that.

This one talks about it hindering post workout insulin sensitivity.

But then there is one that suggests it will decrease exercise induced testosterone depletion if you take some 30 mins before training, so I’m not exactly sure which way to go. To be honest there are so many studies and all backed up by some research, but inevitably some contradict each other, so if it worked for you in so many years of lifting it won’t stop working now

its became a big industry…

Too big, and of course everyone is promoting research that backs their own supps, so I guess best to go with what you find more logical, and what has been working for you so far

yes ! some supplements are working good for a person but for another he will feel like shit using it

Exactly haha. Although my problem usually is for so many supplements people go on about how good they are, I feel nothing, with some exceptions

you should stick with the one that bring you something dont waste too much money

Agreed. I remember in my late teens with no responsibilities I spend way more than I should have on supplements, I tried all kinds, and didn’t feel bad about it. Now I double check each supplement whether I need it