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Post Workout Supplementation


I've been a loyal consumer of Surge for years now but I want to try something new for a change. Does anyone have ideas for a substitute? Thanks.


I've seen recommendations for chocolate milk as a replacement for Surge.


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Choc. milk would not be a replacement for Surge. It would however be a post workout 'supp'.
Really though, the list is endless.
From a turkey sand on white to choc milk to gatorade w/whey protein to.....

Great physiques were built long before high tech supps. Food has been proven to work just as well. Just look at some of the guys in your gym. Most are not supping and yet some are quite ripped up or strong or whatever goal it is you have for yourself.


While it's true that many great physiques were built before effective supplements existed, I for one have not been able to duplicate the effects of Surge with food or other supplements and I've used everything from angelfood cake to chocolate milk.

It may not be needed, but it is a significant improvement over every other recovery concoction/meal I've tried over the past 15 years.


Maybe-maybe not. I'm not dissing Surge, never tried it. But the poster clearly states he wants something other than Surge and that is what I'm supplying him.
I will say that there are ALOT of bb'ers and pl'ers out there--competitive guys--that have never tried or possibly heard of Surge.


protein factory recommends hydrolyzed whey combined with hydrolyzed casein to apparently stimulate something called "hyperaminoacidemia". I would imagine that protein combo along with a dextrose/malto combo would be a good substitude but would taste really bad.


Can someone explain the benefits of Surge over a high GI carb + protein meal after your workout? I eat oats with milk and Grow! for ~600+ Calories and some 40 grams of protein after a workout.


Glycogen levels will not be replaced rapidly with a slow burn carb like oats. As well as the Grow! protein balance is slower acting then the faster digested Surge protein blend.

There are a lot of opinions on what the window is for post-workout supplementation. Some are now saying that there is no window and that studies show no difference in 30-60-90 mins post.

What i do know is, Surge is one of the top post workout supps around...and has been for a few years. I have had some clients get great results with 30g whey/cas. blend w/2 apples. Others with the whey gatorade blend...gross tasting. And some with Muscle Milk...and some even with two slices of whole wheat slathered in peanut butter and 20g of whey. Also, trainees who have just supplemented with Essential Aminos.

Regardless there is a lot out there, so dont be afraid to change it up.


ps...just went back to Surge...it tastes so good when it touches your lips.


I'll give it my best shot without going back to the Surge promotional thread:

Surge has a fast acting whey protein (faster than the kind of whey that's used for most whey protein powders), and combines 2 high GI carbs (I think it's maltodextrine and glucose??? but don't quote me on that :wink:.

The carb to protein ratio is 2 to 1 do allow for the best insulin spike to get as much nutrients into the muscle as possible immediatley after the workout. The spike wouldn't be as high if you were to have an equal amount of protein and carbs because the protein's lower GI will reduce the overall GI for the 'meal'.

Now, overprocessed carbs/sugars don't have as high of a GI spike and therefore not optimal.

If you tried to copy the same ingredients as Surge, it would most likely taste to terrible to drink because of the terrible taste of the kind of whey protein that's used, but somehow they made Surge taste good.

I would say that the next best thing would be to use a 100% whey protein (only slightly slower absorbing, but faster than a casein) and some cheap, pure glucose. That's what I use.

Just mix a 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein. If one scoop of your whey is 24g protein, then add 48g of the glucose.


Oh, and I forgot about the Amino Acids that are also in Surge until I read strongFB's post.

They are even faster absorbing than the fast absorbing whey that's in Surge, so you get the fastest absorbing aminos and the next fastest absorbing protein (that specific type of whey that I forgot the name of).


What are you using as a source for glucose?


how bout some creatine that's got the sugar in it? i mix an orange flavor and vanilla protein. tastes good!


vitargo by nutrex worked well for me


I just searched for glucose on another site where I buy my whey and found some pure glucose made from corn.

It comes in a large bag like sugar, I think it's a 5 lb bag but I'm not sure.

I just found out it's a 2 lb bag for just over $3, and if you search for Dextrose you'll find it faster than if you search for Glucose (same thing).


Please be aware of consistently high levels of pure dextrose on the system. Glucose's effects will take longer but are similar. I don't really have time to go into it, but just putting the label out there.


There was another PWO supp that was on JB's site. I think it was made by Xtreme? It was similar to Surge. Otherwise there is Countdown, which is recommended in the Nutrient Timing book.


Once in a while when if feel like changing things up I'll have angelfood cake with fat-free chocolate fudge syrup in place Biotest Surge.

Yeah, I know it's not as good for me, but it makes for a nice change of pace and keeps my sweet-tooth happy.


Check out Berardi's website- he has some supplement reviews and gives a thumbs up to two other post workout formulations (aside from his brainchild: Surge).