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Post-Workout Supplementation for 2A?


Sometimes I neurally over train myself. Than in the evening it hits me and next day after deadlifts I can be like zombie… You suggest glycin post-workout and 5-HTP.

  1. Can I just mix glycine post-workout with protein, creatin and magnesium?

  2. Wouldn´t body get used to 5-HTP and downregulate its own serotonin?

  3. Any other things I can do after neurally demanding training to calm CNS? I do meditation, herbal tea and massage from GF.


maybe lower the neural work that make you feel like that ?


I agree, not everybody is neurologically designed to be able to handle frequent/a lot of neural work. Supplements can help,but only to a point


Yeah soon I will need to stop my deadlift madness :smiley: So my suplement questions are totally irelevant?