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post workout SUBSTITUTE for SURGE

Hey all. I’m out of Surge for the next workout, until I can replenish my supply. I need some ideas what I can substitute. I have an unopened bottle of gatorade from some time back, and was thinking of mixing that with my creatine, taking some pre and some post my workout. Any thoughts if that’s OK? I look forward to your replies. thanks again.

Go to a home brew supply store and get some dextrose and maltodextrin. It’s pretty inexpensive, about a buck a pound (for either).

Hey Lorne,

Man you get into a lot of difficulties don’t you!? :slight_smile:

You need some protein/bcaa’s in your post-workout feeding. Try to mix in some quality whey protein or BCAA supplement with the gatorade, or do as Patricia says, go with the maltodextrin. SRS

Hey Lorne. I used to drink Gatorade mixed with whey protein. Not as good as a Surge-type mixed, but it worked well in a pinch. If you’re really desperate, knock back some whey protein and eat a big bowl of Captain Crunch. Again, not Surge, but better than nothing.

What they said and here’s a couple of good post workout articles and a great Berardi summary “A stripped down overview of JB’s dietary wisdom” by Chris Shugart




Don't get a headache reading this weekend ;-)

I read somewhere to use skim Chocolate milk. Can’t remember where though. It was t-mag for sure, forums, paper or e-zine? I don’t know.

I am being serious and have used it, better than nothing.

In faith - Matt

What does Surge taste like? I have no doubt as to its effectiveness, but I want to make sure I don’t hate the texture or anything.

Chris, in response to your question what does Surge taste like…I have to tell you, honestly, it’s got to be the BEST BY FAR tasting supplement I’ve ever chugged. I couldn’t put my finger exactly on what is tasted like, until I gave it to somebody else to try…and he said they it tasted like macadamia nuts…yum! Someone else said it tasted like chiffon cake. yum yum! SO GO GET SOME! You will NOT have to plug your nose while downing it. If anything, you’ll be sorry you can only take two scoops per workout. GOod luck.

Tastes like angel food cake. You will find yourself motivated to work out just knowing that you can’t drink the stuff unless you are lifting, or have just lifted. I am thinking of telling my wife it is an after sex recovery drink. (She could use the motivation.)

When I used to run creatine, I used to use tons of cheap maltodextrin like Ultra Fuel and Hydra fuel before Surge came out…also tried the Gatorade idea but found that sometimes the powdered form was pure maltodextrin and sometimes they combined it w/ fructose…used to really bug me 'cause I thought it’d mess w/ GI. Also, when you buy gatorade in liquid form…it’s almost always full of corn syrup…guess it depends on how high an insulin response you’re looking for…oh yeah, I’ve spent thousands testing diff supps and Surge is definitely my #1 priority to have on hand…better watch your inventory levels better…

Here is another Big Vote for Surge. Best tasting suplement I have ever had. You won’t be sorry if you purchase it. I wasn’t to crazy about the Low Carb grow though…