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Post Workout Snack


I love Surge, but am out for a few days. What would be a good whole food temporary replacement for my post workout Surge? Raisins, banana, yogurt, apple? Just something to get me by until I can stock up.


a) any sort of carb and a protein powder
b) Milk or chocolate milk or banana chocolate milk
c) Turkey sammich




I read somewhere that raisens had a good blend of carbohydrates for during / post workout. But, I like the candy idea.


Cereal mixed with whey and water. I like fruit loops and apple jacks.



poptarts + whey shake


I like unflavored whey isolate and grape juice.


Skim milk.

Carb and whey powder.

Or you can just have a meal when you get home.


Yeah Yeah! :slightly_smiling:



I used to have SweetTarts candy since they were sweetened with dextrose and maltodextrin....plus whey.


Chinese buffet. DO IT!!!


A Human Heart.


quart of chocolate low fat milk.


6 eggs and nesquick


some candy and milk

Pretty much anything with protein, a little healthy fat, and fast digesting carbs(lots) will be fine.