Post Workout Sickness

Hey everybody. I get to feeling pretty sick after all my workouts. I rarley drink alcohol. I eat clean and do all my meal prepping and drink about 1 1/2 to 2 gallons of water a day. I do my own basic pre workout mix which just consists of gatorade, creatine, beta alanine, and caffeine. During most of my workout I feel great until the last few minutes and the ride home I feel like I’m gonna get sick. I was just curious if anybody else had this problem

Your blood sugar could be crashing man. Are you getting any sugar into you in your post workout shake?

I’ll do a whey protein shake with milk right after with milk and then breakfast immediately after which just consists of eggs/egg whites and oats. I’ll do a peanut butter sandwich right before my workout though.

It sounds like you need to fix your diet. More food before and after training, you can drink Gatorade or something like that during your workout as well.

If you have poor work capacity or aerobic endurance that can be an issue as well, but it should fix itself eventually. You can also do some conditioning AKA cardio to help with that. I recently did a hypertrophy phase with reps mostly in the 6-10 range for multiple sets, on lower body days I was getting a bit nauseated the first couple weeks.

Alright I’ll make some changes and try that. Thanks for the advice

Maybe you are consuming too much caffeine in your pre-workout? I’ve had amazing workouts in the past that have ended with me feeling like I am going to be sick because of the pre-workout. The blood sugar makes a bit more sense though.

[quote]Aidan76543 wrote:
too much caffeine[/quote]
I’m curious as to what this means… I don’t think such a thing exists…

But you might have to just play around with what you consume before, during and after your workout. I know that if I eat something small about an hour or two out of a workout I’m good, otherwise it’s a toss-up. Do something a little different, see if it helps or makes it worse then go from there.

Last night i had the same thing. No pre-workout taken.

I did a very heavy triple on te bench as a new PR. Took a lot of focus and energy. Then i did some heavy squats.

I think i just crashed. i believe it was blood sugar related, but eating didnt help. the next day i was fine.
My arms just felt very weird and weak. The same feeling you get when you feel really depleted with low blood sugar. rarely happens.