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Post-workout shakes

I know we’re supposed to dilute our post-workout shake with a lot of water, but exactly why is this? Also, how much water is ideal?

Well I was thinking about going into detail here but I figured I would let T-Mag, the search function, and the experts do the job for me.

Check out thses two articles Solving the Post Workout Puzzle 1&2 for all the info. you need and more.

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During the workout it helps with hydration. After the workout, it helps with absorption.

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The amount of water helps with the absorption of the product. If you don’t add enough water, the mixture A)won’t taste right and B) won’t mix to the desired consistency it was intended for. Most products will give you an idea of how much water to add when making your shake. But, if you are making your own, I’d say 12-16 ounces is a good range to stay in; that’s what I use and it seems to work well.