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Post-Workout Shakes Pre-Workout?

I know pre-workout shakes give you energy, but I have plenty. So I couldn’t resist the deal, I got a 2.4 pound tub of a post workout shake. Which will remain unnamed. It has so many different amino acids(lzgleucine, l-lysine, lzvaline, all of them and like 3 forms of each) ( for example l-leucine, ketoisocaporate calciun, then pyroglutamate, and alpha-ketoglutarate of l-leucine), different forms of creatine, beta-alanine, yohimbinehci, and a bunch of stuf I’ve never heard of. Suppose to help you recover and give you greater free/test utilization, insulin manipulation, and a bunch of other stuff.

But it hyas no protein, lol. So I was drinking this before my last 2 sets then drinking a protein shake. I figured, why not drink it before my workout about 30 minutes after I eat? Then workout and finish with a shake, then 30 minutes later eat again.

So what’s your take on a post workout supp. Before your workout?

If there is any difference taking it before or after your workout, it is minuscule. Do it when it’s convenient.

I sure as he’ll feel stronger. Prob. Just my diet and proper eating. But f it, I’m gonna continue to do it. Its a lot more convenient.