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Post-Workout Shake


What kind of shake do you drink PW?

Myself, I will usually just drink some sort of juice with a couple scoops of whey powder. I have heard, however, that this isn't good enough.

Most of the guys over at the Men's Health forums recommend a dextrose/maltodextrin/whey combo. A scoop or two of each in the PW shake.

Is this valid? Should I be adding dextrose and maltodextrin to my shake?
I'm overseas, so I can't get these ingredients real easily. Any alternatives?


Can you get Surge?


Until you made the comment at the end about being overseas, I was gonna do everyone a favor and just tell you to buy some Surge from this website. It's got everything you need PWO. If you can do that, do it. But I know sometimes it's hard to get good supps overseas.

Some people toss a scoop or two of protein powder into Gatorade and drink that. I've never tried that myself so I can't comment on its effectiveness. Sounds like you're on the right track as far as maltodextrin, although someone more knowledgeable is going to have to recommend some good sources.


Does Surge combine whey, maltodextrin and dextrose?


I and many here use Surge

These should help explain the whole w/o nutrition thing as well
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Here are the ingredients straight from the jug:

d-glucose, whey-protein hydrolysate, maltodextrin, natural and artificial flavors, and sucralose.

On an added note, it tastes like ground-up angel food cake. I only started using it recently, but I'm hooked.


If Europe you can get Maxim powder its basically just maltodextrin. Another source is buying bulk maltodextrin from suppliers who usually sell to people making their own booze. I tend to use 70-80g of maltodextrin and 20g of dextrose after particularly hard workouts, you can lower the amount for smaller workouts. In this I add about 30g of whey protein. I don't use whey protein at other times.


I'm intrigued. Might have to buy some of this...

Do you guys use Grow! also? (Has it been renamed, by the way, because I didn't see it in the T-Nation store?) Do you just take this once or twice a day, as just a protein boost?


HailMary, that's correct; Grow! has been renamed Metabolic Drive.

Here's TC's announcement:


The article by Barr, by the way, says that one shouldn't drink one's PW shake directly after the workout. I'm not clear when one should be drinking their PW shake, if not pretty soon after one finishes one's workout.

Maybe someone understood this article better than I. When should the PW shake be drank?


Why do people drink stuff straight after a workout though ? Cos they feel a bit shit and they feel better for having some carbs and protein. I think what Dave Barr was saying was there isn't necessarily a protein carb window right after a workout where you suck up extra amounts of carbs and protein and your brain controls insulin sensitivity with extra Intel processors to make maximum use of nutrients.

It was popular to state the value of post workout meals both recently and in the past, particularly when selling some formula like a meal replacement with extra calories supposedly optimised for this time.

One thing I do agree with in that article is eating at night. Nutritionally alongside actually eating enough/properly during the day, having some food at night, like if you get up to take a piss, is a very good idea, even if you did stuff your face before bed.