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Post Workout Shake


Well I"m about to run out of my Optimum Nutrition whey protein. I just ordered some Grow! from here. My question is would Grow! be fine for post workout considering a fast absorbing protein such as whey is usually used post workout as opposed to slow absorbed protein such as the casein in Grow!.


Grow! wouldn't be a very good choice for post-workout. Surge, however, is perfect.


FTG05, the very nature of your question indicates to me that you haven't read many of the excellent nutrition articles on T-Nation. I suggest you start digging into the stuff by John Berardi, David Barr, Lonnie Lowery, etc.

And yes, you want Surge for PWO.


Grow! also has Whey; its a blend.

I'm wondering if Grow! could be used as a poor man's Surge?

Also, if whey absorbs slower than the BCAAs in Surge, could it be taken earlier (ie, during work out, or before) to counter this? And what does protein absorbtion speed particularly matter if the post workout window lasts 24 hours (if thats true)?

Although Surge has other things to speed recovery.

I've still gotta read "Solving the Post Workout Puzzle" tho.


Need4speed, I disagree w/ you bro. Surge is not the "end all" product for post workout purposes. One could surely use ON whey protein after workouts. Is it optimal? No. I'm sure there are better choices out there but when cash is low it is fine to use other products.

As far as Grow! for PWO, I'd rather take ON. The Grow! later on the day.


I would say the amount of, and the type of protein consumed post-workout is less important than consuming enough high GI carbs post-workout.

If Grow! is all you have, then don't worry, and just make sure your hitting your daily protein requirements.


old-time bodybuilders somehow made excellent gains sans an amazing post-workout product like Surge, so it is clearly possible. Would Surge be optimal..... of course. Are there other ways.....without a doubt.


I agree. Grow! is not optimal for post-workout, but it's better than nothing.


I agree. Sometimes you have to improvice w/ what you got and slow digesting protein is better than no protein.


Geeze, of course Grow! is better than nothing. But eating bugs is better than nothing, too.

Why the resistance to Surge?

Surge is FAR FAR better than either Grow! for PWO. Classic Grow! would be a lot better than Low-Carb Grow! for PWO, but it's still far from optimal. The point is to get nutrients into your system as fast as possible. A slow-digesting protein is not going to do that.

Hell, I'd say just drink a whole bunch of chocolate milk if you can't afford Surge (and Surge isn't really all that expensive).

Once again, read some of David Barr's latest articles and the stuff by John Berardi if you haven't done so already.

Do you need Surge or your muscles will deflate? No. But it's so vastly better than plain old whey, that I'm not sure why you're making such a big deal out of looking for alternatives.


I don't think he's resistant to Surge or a similar PWO shake of hydrolyzed whey and malto and dex. He just doesn't want to buy anything else at this time.


Thanks for the responses. I understand how PWO works I was just wondering what people's thoughts on Grow! are. I was planning on using it at a time other than PWO already, I just had doubts that it would work all that well for PWO which now seems pretty certain from what people say. Most likely I will buy Surge when I run out of my ON whey.


FTG05, I think you have the right idea then. Grow!, especially Low-Carb Grow!, is one of the best MRP powders you can get. But as you surmised, it's slow-digesting, and that means it's good for every time except PWO.


Ok so with everyone's help I have decided to I will also buy Surge which I will use for post workout now instead of the shakes I was making, and just keep the Grow! for adding to parts of meals such as in oatmeal. Thanks for your help.


sounds good.


With this logic one could use dog food post workout.

Obviously, you can survive with poor nutrition post workout. Most of us are looking for optimal post-workout nutrition, however.


Chris King:
Your response indicates to me that your comparing Optimum Nutrition Whey protein to dog food. Where is your logic to this? Just b/c Biotest doesn't make a product your automatically labeling it as garbage? If this is so, how did bodybuilders survive when Biotest wasn't around?

IMO, Whey Concentrate post workout is fine. It is NOT optimal but its fine. I have personally used both for PWO purposes and have not noticed much difference (so have many others).

Before you rant on me, how about trying to understand what I was trying to say. Or did I tickle your nuts when I recommended other products besides Biotest Surge? Maybe you have read one too many John Berardi articles and have have been brain washed to a point of no return buddy.


I think Low-Carb Grow! is great for Pre workout (especially cardio), but not so much Post workout.

Look at it this way; PURE amino acids consumed before a workout will stay in the blood for the duration of the workout AND for an hour after the workout. Imagine how long Low-Carb Grow! will last.



Just a quick point...

Sometimes the responses can be a little "sharp"...but after being on this Site for a number of years, I have found that the "average" reader (especially if they post regularly) is often looking for that small "edge" and what is optimal, especially when it comes to nutrition.

That is also true of many of the authors and contributors.

So...answers will often not be the result of "brain-washing"...but what is most likely the best advice there is, based on the knowledge we have.

Yea...there may be some bias here and there...but who doesn't carry a little bias?

(Besides that...many of us...myself included...may be just a little compulsive about things!!! LOL!)




I understand that some people have a personal bias towards certain products but one should not question others nutritional knowledge just b/c they recommend a product other than the one they favor. Just my 2 cents.