Post Workout Shake

I’m currently using dextrose & whey powder as a post workout shake. I usually get my dextrose from the local grocery store in the beer & wine making section. In a grocery store i came across the other day, they had “hi malt glucose syrup”. would this be good to use post-workout. Does anyone know much about this stuff?


What you are referring to is maltose. It has a slightly higher GI than glucose, 104 if memory serves me correctly.
Maltose is simply glucose+glucose.
Glucose is 100, and I don’t think either differs measurably in terms of insulin index. Therefore, I would tend to believe it wouldn’t be worth any extra cost, but if it is the same cost as the dextrose then you might as well go for it.

Go for surge … glucose and maltodextrin plus amino acids plus protein… plus cholesterol… it’s great… tastes great too.