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Post Workout Shake Q


im sure ill be told that these tiny things dont matter...but when youve gone to the anal degrees i have already, every little bit that you know you are maxing out counts!

im losing body fat as it is, ive read about 'active recovery?' is it?
you finish off a weight session or resistance training with 30 mins moderate cardio, and this maximises muscle gain, or minimises muscle loss on a fat cut. is that correct?

if ive got it mixed up please sort my mind out ;]

anyway, if im wanting to hit myself with a PWO shake, when would this shake be taken?

at the moment i do:

1) workout
2) ipod in, brisk walk 30 mins (while my heart rate is still high from workout)
3) protein shake, oats, little fruit all blended.
4) stretch off

each of the steps 2-4 are recommended in a variety of instances, but whats the optimal order? and why ? hehe


Active recovery is what you do on your "off" days from the gym. Whether it's walking the dog, going for a jog, playing some basketball, etc., it's just 30 minutes or so of activity that helps facilitate recovery so that you don't lose size or strength when you are in the gym.

You wouldn't take a post-workout drink after these days. You use post-workout shakes for your hard workouts in the gym or if you perform intense conditioning workouts.


Well..for one thing.. it depends if you could still manage to walk after a pwo meal. Some people have stomach discomfort. So it depends if thats an issue.

Stretch at the end.

Heart rate isnt the primary concern. Its the hormones. The point of a pwo shake is to stop catabolism and start anabolism. By walking..your just adding to the total time before you get those nutrients.


cheers, ive read up on active recovery properly ;]

ill make sure i have my shake consumed the minute i stop lifting and then go walk ;]

thats assuming there is a point to the 30 mins moderate exercise after a workout?
where did i read that and whats the supposed benefit to do with?