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Post Workout Shake Nuances

I was wondering: As a rule of thumb, when do you guys recommend taking the post workout shake when the workout consists of approximately an hour of lifting weights and then cardio immediately following the lifting?

Does this depend on how long the cardio is? For instance, when I do 10 min of HIIT after lifting I take my shake immediately after the cardio. But what if I increase the amount of cardio to 20-60 minutes? In this case should I take a shake after the lifting (before the cardio)?

Should I take an additional shake after the cardio? The reason I ask is because I am concerned about catabolism after an hour or more of exercise. Looking forward to your responses!

This is a good question, What I normally do is have the post workout shake after the cardio if I do a short 10minute HIIT session.

If I were to do longer cardio say 30+ minutes I would have the shake once completing the weights then do my cardio followed by a solid meal once home…


I take my post workout as soon as I am done working out (I only lift weights…I don’t need cardio.) I have read material that says 1 hour post workout is when you get your biggest HGH spike but, I still take Surge right after I finish.

I would say lift weights, and then just sip the shake through your cardio. You definitely wouldn’t want to go an hour of lifting weights and then another 20-60 minutes without having any nourishment whatsoever. Your blood sugar would be rock-bottom, and you’d be wasting muscle tissue.

Heck, it’d be better if you could sip a shake throughout your weights and cardio, and then slam another shake after all of that, but barring finances, I’d do it during my cardio. That’s the time during which your body will most want to eat your muscle.

shadow cactroct and buster thank you for your advice. anyone else?

It depends on your goal.
Fat loss: after cardio
Muscle gain: before cardio