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Post Workout Shake Ideas


Evening everyone. If this has already been posted or discussed please send me in that direction.

I am trying to get some ideas for postworkout shakes. I am definitely considering Surge Recovery but was wondering if anyone out there has some homemade things they would not mind sharing. Right now as far as postworkout goes I do one of the following:
20g Whey+10g glutamine+ 2 servings Gatorade powder (taken separate but right after the protein+glu).

I also sometimes do straight amino acids (BCAA+EAA+10g glutamine extra), and some simple carbs such as two scoops Gatorade again.

Milk was also good but I had really bad stomach issues. Any thoughts or suggestions will be more than appreciated.

Have a good one!


Surge recovery or whey and waxy maize.


You're better off consuming the gatorade powder DURING your workout as opposed to after. Of course I would get rid of it completely if it contains high fructose corn syrup and/or trans fats. The stuff I see here has hydrogenated coconut oil so I ditched it completely.

20g of whey is ridiculously low, that's not even a scoop of whey. Most people take at least 60g PWO or the equivalent of 50g of protein.

Since you asked what we do personally, this is my protocol:

1,3 DMAA Stim PREworkout

Sip on pepto pro in 2L of Water during

2 scoops whey POSTWORKOUT

protein carb meal 1 hour post.


Thanks for the replies so far. I've never heard of peptopro so I will look into it. For Periworkout I do Anaconda protocol 2. If I may ask though which of the products has hydrogenated coconut oil? I keep the protein post workout at 20g since I eat like 30min after I leave the locker room. Post workout meal is generally an omlet w/ 3 whole eggs, 10 egg whites, sometimes some ground turkey (depends on how many eggs, more eggs less turkey), spinach, bell peppers, some oats and Juice.

Any more suggestions?


Gatorade powder but I live in Canada so it may be different for you. For instance, Heinz Ketchup here is made with liquid sugar but across the border I noticed they use HFCS.

Anaconda Protocol is pretty solid.

Is it working for you? If so why change it?

Edit: I'm pretty sure pepto pro is used in Anaconda. pepto pro = casein hydrsolate


A whacking great big T-bone steak, a full head of broccoli, steamed, with a tablespoon of olive oil on top.

Anything else is second best.


250ml of orange juice (preferably a tangier brand)
4-5 raw eggs

Shake in shaker cup until eggs are significantly broken up.

Does its job just fine.


Anaconda is good, and I am not looking to loose it but it is more of a peri workout nutrition supp.

I agree with you fully on that one

I tried doing the raw egg thing a al rocky when I started lifting and that essentially made me never want to drink raw eggs again


Peri-Work-out: Pre, during AND post.


My Bad


just FYI, Gatorade doesnt use HFCS in case thats something that you're worried about.

A somewhat new way of thinking is to ingest carbs pre/during your working as opposed to post workout and has been endorsed by many people so you might want to give it a shot and see how it works for you.


^ Is there hydrogenated coconut oil listed in the ingredients?

The container in my house lists the following ingredients:

Ingredients: sugar, dextrose, citric acid, salt, sodium citrate, natural and artificial flavours, monopotassium phosphate, calcium silicate (a flow agent), colour, HYDROGENATED COCONUT OIL.


This is great! Good old fashioned NON-PROCESSED foods.

I recently ditched protein powders in favor of raw eggs. I also ditched creatine because I eat organic red meat daily.

Back to nature, baby!




Take your liquid nutrition during the workout and eat a real meal or something like this after!


Here's the ingredients in my powdered gatorade-


I find whey gives me zits (even the best kinds) so I try to only take it max 4x a week.

Sometimes I will do skim milk+pasteurized egg whites right from the carton+a banana + 5g glutamine + 5g creatine.


Preworkout is a Finibar and then some Surge Recovery. During my workout I drink Surge Workout Fuel. I go by Poliquin's recommendation of whey+glutamine+glycine for postworkout. Anyone else go this route?



If your pre- and during-training nutrition is in place, you don't need a dedicated postworkout shake. It'd be overkill, at best. I'd stick with the Anaconda before and during with a good meal a bit after training, rather than rely on a homemade post-workout shake.


how is that shake with eggs in it? I've been wanting to try it out but just never have (scared maybe? lol)

do you know how they make orange juice? ever notice how you can get orange juice year round when its a seasonal fruit. Interesting read... made me not really want to drink too much OJ though


Hmm, where I'm from several varieties of oranges are available year round. Guess I thought that was everywhere. I don't drink oj (or any juice) 'cause it's basically like drinking a coke.