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Post-Workout Shake Compromise?


So here's the problem. I've found that my post-workout shake completely kills me. I tried mixing with water, different brands of protein (surprisingly, the wal-mart brand is the least harsh on me), and taking with fiber pills. All result in the same thing: constant shitting in t-minus one hour. Do you know how hard it is to time a solid meal 2hrs after the post-workout shake? I have to leave the stove/george foreman/grill unattended whilst shitting. Not safe. not happy.

Today I ate a solid meal post-workout, had my shake 2hrs later... And I didn't have a problem. What I'm asking is how counter productive is this? Generally after my workout, I take my creatine w/1tbsp sugar followed by a shake (which kills me.) I know that a protein shake is better than that of solid food like chicken or protein postworkout, but I'll be damned if my insides hate me.

As a follow up, if what I'm suggesting is stupid.. is there anything I can do? Has anyone had similar experiences? Lactaid?


contrary to what many supplement companies will tell you, there is nothing wrong with solid meals for pre/post workout nutrition. simply eat a solid meal of primarily P+C 1 hour before training, followed by another P+C solid meal within 1 hour after training. problem solved.


How about a little more info as to what is actually IN your postworkout shake.


I’ve only been able to try one brand of whey where I’ve been living recently but it really messed me up - I had to give it away to someone else.

Flatulance, bloating, water retention…leakage… yeah.


[quote]Westclock wrote:
How about a little more info as to what is actually IN your postworkout shake.

1 scoop of wal-mart brand protein (used to be 2, but its unbearable), milk or water, ice cubes, all in a shaker. I generally drink this after take my creatine.


Why are you taking fiber pills with your PWO Whey?



[quote]The Mighty Stu wrote:
Why are you taking fiber pills with your PWO Whey?


He tried it to see if it aliviates the problem.


drop the milk.

25 grams of whey in water should be no problem.

Also you might be taking too much creatine, or simply dont stomach it well.

Do you buy lactose free whey ? How do you handle lactose in general ? How much dairy do you eat ?

The other trick is to use less fluid in the shake, I use very little, just enough to make it liquid.

Mine is generally a quarter cup of maltodextrin, 5 grams of creatine and 50vgrams of whey.

Ive never had problems with it, I use optimum nutrition and have never had stomach issues.


On top of the other suggestions, it might just be the Walmart protein. It’s cheaper for a reason


Are you taking any supps pre-workout? Many of the pre-workout drinks cause the explosive diarrhea after and hour or so. The timing could just be coincidental with your PWO.


Drop the shake, and have a pint of chocolate milk. Or have a meal instead.


this is what i do, i blend my shake, and leave it for about 10 minutes… it lets the shake release all the air out of it, because espeicially when you blend it, the amount of air in a shake is crazy, thats why you get the farts!

also, dont chug it down, you have about 30-45-60 minutes after your workout to get in your creatine and shake, just sip on it over a 30 minute period.

see if that works, if not, try a non-lactose protein, or other protein, such as pea protein.