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Post-Workout Rum

Hi folks,

I often train before dinner. I often like a double rum and sugar free ginger beer rum with dinner (3x week). I therefore end-up having alcohol soon after my workout.

Given the kcals/sugar aren’t an issues to me, is there anything specifically bad about having alcohol soon after training (with food)?

Would any particular answer change your habits on this?


See item 2

Great article, thanks both.

I took this from it: don’t drink much, but one drink ok and drinking after weight training is specifically a good time to do it. Surprised. And pleased.

Happy days.

Menno Henselmans wrote quite extensively on this. The upshot is, the research only shows a negative impact on hormones (in men, less so women) when much larger quantities are drunk post-workout. You can take a dogmatic view - alcohol is toxic, so all alcohol is bad. But the science says one drink will not impact on your hormones. This actually accords with the real world when you recall bodybuilders of old often downed pints of stout and other dark beers. I wish I could recall the name of an old school British bodybuilder who drank something like two bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale every night (he claimed he purposely drunk little fluid during the day and this was his hydration). And this guy was like Steve Reeves! Anyway, won’t be doing it myself but you’re likely not going to spike your gains.

@mertdawg actually mentioned beer as an option to explore when I was asking about different sugars post-workout. But in my country alcohol is expensive. It’d probably be cheaper to import mag-10.

See this:

In one study, 1.5 g/kg bodyweight (this is 5-6 glasses of beer for a 155 lb. man; I show you how to calculate this below) consumed after exercise reduced the synthesis of protein in muscle by 37%. When protein (25 grams post exercise and again 4 hours later) was consumed along with alcohol the reduction in muscle protein synthesis was 24%.

In other words, you would have to be getting drunk after training for any significant negative effects, and even then it won’t totally kill your gains. One or two drinks with dinner shouldn’t be an issue.

More expensive than mag-10?? Where is this, Saudi Arabia?

Thanks for sharing!

I think Saudi Arabia would be worse. But expect to pay a dollar per deciliter of beer if you want to drink something that wouldn’t be mistaken for water.

That’s not really too much more expensive than in Canada. Depending on the brand, a 500ml can is between $2-$3.50. The price of alcohol hasn’t really gone up much compared to everything else, energy drinks are about the same price.

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The beers I like are more expensive I just realised I’m not the best sample size of one to convey alcohol prices so I went for things I wouldn’t decline if I got them for free.

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