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Post Workout Relaxation

After my workouts lately, I have been going into the steam room at my gym. The temp in there is pretty hot and within seconds I start to perspire significantly. I stay in there for about 15 minutes.

It really relaxaes me but I am wondering if there are any deterimental effects on the body system especailly right after pumping the iron. Right after exiting the steam room, I take a cool shower and this is awesome (or it feels good anyway). Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.


I’ve read up on it before, it’s fine if you’ve had enough water to drink.

I like to take a short COLD shower when I’m through lifting, then sit in a hot tub at my YMCA for about 5 minutes, then back to the cold shower for another 1-2 minutes, then steam room, get in pool, hot tub, and finish it with a cold shower. Takes about 20-30 minutes total so I do it when I have time. Plus there are cute girls in the hot tub sometimes.

Kind of long interval showers only longer periods of hot/cold…it may be good to start and finish with extra-cold water.

I like to nap on my couch… :wink:

[quote]vroom wrote:
I like to nap on my couch… ;)[/quote]

This is usually around the time I surf this website.