Post-workout question

I’ve tried some searches on this topic, but can’t seem to find a good answer.

I’m currently doing Phase IV of 12 Weeks to Super Strength (chest) and seeing awesome results. I’m adamant about making sure I take my Surge within 30 minutes of my workout.

However, I’m also recovering from ACL surgery and I’d like to get on the bike for 20-30 min after each workout in order to build the strength, reclaim my cardio health pre-surgery, and flexibility in my knee.

My question is: After my chest workouts, should I replinish my glucose stores immediately after lifting and BEFORE biking or should I go ahead with the bike workout after lifting and THEN take my Surge?

I’ve been skipping the bike lately because I’m concerned it’s more important to get the carbs into my muscles post-workout. However, I really need to bike every day. What suggestions do the experts have?

Drink 1/2 Surge during and the rest afterwards.

abnheel, do what Patricia said and don’t worry about it. Just make sure you get another whole-food P+C meal 1.5 hours after you finish your Surge. Surge’s purpose/goal is not really to refill muscle glycogen (even though it does a little). Its purpose is to reduce cortisol levels. Your whole food P+C meal will refill muscle glycogen.

Patricia and TT’s response are great and very practical; the post-workout nazi in me might suggest doing cardio at another time during the day if the gym is accessible and it doesn’t put too much of a strain on your schedule. Cardio in the mornings, lifting and night, then post workout supplementation.

I think that would be the ideal situation but given life’s complexities sometimes going to the gym 2x a day is neither practical or even possible for some people.


Check out the first question in the following Appetite for Construction column. It might answer your question.

lucid is on the right track here. Do cardio in the morning.