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post workout question

qucik question on my post workout shake, as for now i am mixing 1 banana, 1 cup of oj, 3 scoops protein powder and ice…is this a good post workout shake in general, at about 50 carbs, 60 protein…or am i going at it wrong way…Surge it to come, just trying to make it with this for now…any suggestions would be appreciated…thanks

Unless I’m mistaken, you should cut your protein down to 25-30g, as taking any more will actually harm the absorption.

Hark, what about the 2:1 C&P ratio? If he starts consuming 25-30g protein shouldn’t he have about 50-60g of carbs? Or was it the other way around?

Depends on your weight. 0,4g/kg of Protein and 0,8g/kg, so if you’re 80kgs(176lbs) it means:

32g Protein
64g Carbs


Hark, you say the protein may be too high for absorption- at what point in time is another high-protein drink advised? 2 hours after post-workout consumption? 3? I work out late and feel like I’d be cheating myself if all I had after a workout is a measly 25 grams of protein… Thanks

Without knowing the BW it’s impossible to make a firm recmmendation as to the amount of protein needed. But the question regarding the 2:1 carb to protein ratio is right on: that’s what you want. ALso, it depends on the type of protein you’re using - it should be something fast-absorbing.

Feel free to take in more protein afterwards. Just wait about an hour for your shake to get absorbed, and then you can eat whatever you wish… meat, powder, or otherwise.