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Post-Workout Question: MAG-10?


For the last month or so, I've been following my training with 1 scoop ON Gold Standard whey and 1 scoop of Metabolic Drive Low Carb. However, recently I've been reading that that might not be the 'best' option.

So I was going to start throwing some oats in there to make it a little more post-workout friendly.

I looked at MAG-10, but it's cost is a little up there. However, is it worth it? If you're not at an elite level or anything spectacular, would some oats thrown into a regular protein shake be more than beneficial? Or is the cost of MAG-10 or ANACONDA worth it?


I would think that throwing oats in with whey as a PWO shake is the better option if money is an issue to you.


Yeah I'd have to agree. You can also look into other carb powders which mix better and work out to very reasonable price (unless youre very partial to oats)


hell, i know of at least one oat powder out there that mixes pretty well.


Any suggestions for carb powders?

I don't really have any specific preferences. I don't usually eat oats (A, try to be more paleo-ish, with concessions; B, don't usually eat oatmeal without honey and almond butter and a bunch of etc mixed in). I just kept seeing oats recommended in all the stuff I was reading.


I use NOW Carbo Gain and it mixes well, as long as you don't put too much water in it. I mix it with 2 scoops ON whey also.


Corn Flakes are made mostly out of Maltose, which is a glucose-glucose bond.

So buy a huge ass box of Frosted Flakes and grind the shit out of those flakes with a mortar and pestle; or punch them into oblivion. A very cheap and effective carb powder with micronutrient content.

I'm also partial to combining a dextrose product (NOW foods) with table sugar.