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Post Workout Protein

I know Whey protein Isolate and hydrolized are the best… but can someone explain why a protein mix with hydrolyzed whey in it along with lets say egg or casein is less effective? Wouldn’t the hydrolized protein still digest quickly?

Around my workout i drink 6 scoops ICE before/during wait 45 minutes then have been slamming down 2 scoops WPI (50g protein) with creatine. Then i eat a meal with Oats or grits and tons of meat an hour after that (Very big meal). I got this from Dr. serrano. I am cutting right now and dont eat very many carbs.

The reason i ask is i bought dorain yates pro-peptide and its out of control good. I wish that was the only protein i had to take but WPI tastes like ass to me. I’m not a pro athlete or anything so if its not a big difference i would rather eat the dorian yates shit.

The differnece is negligble ESPECIALLY if you’re not look to recover right away (I.E. to train again the same day or something).

Drink the the Dorian stuff.