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Post Workout Protein


As far as lifting goes, I'm relatively new to it. I have been lifting on and off for the past 2-3 years (I'm 19), but just recently I have decided to become more dedicated to lifting and be more consistent. For awhile, I was stuck in a rut of only reading lots and lots of articles on here and Elite FTS without actually getting into training, but I'm glad to say that that's changed.

Obviously, I'm aware of the importance of protein in my diet as I'm looking to make strength gains and eventually some weight gains as well, but I have a question about the amount of protein I should consume post workout.

Lifting at the same time every day can kind of be tricky because I am a college student and my class times vary greatly, so often times when I lift, I'm unable to eat a meal directly afterwards. I do, however, have some protein shakes (EAS Myoplex Lite) that I can have after I lift, which are obviously more efficient. They only have 20 grams of protein in them each.

My main question is, what is the minimum amount of protein I should be consuming post workout? I know that throughout the day I should be looking to consume something like 1.5g-2g of protein per pound of my bodyweight (155lbs), but how much should I be consuming right after I lift?

Right now, my main goal is to give myself a good strength base before I look to do anything else.

I'm 5'10''
Max squat (I haven't actually 1RM in a while): 5RM=235
Max Bench: 1RM=210
Max Dead (same as squat): 3RM = 265

Thanks in advance.


i like to eat a chicken post training


At your weight, as much as possible. Seriously - if you are concerned about how much is enough, you probably won't get enough. And don't forget the carbs.



And what the guy above said.


Myoplexe lite??????????


I like that idea. I should get some live chickens and just consume one right after training. Old school caveman training.

Any recommendations on protein shakes or something convenient that I could potentially take into a class with me? I should have rephrased my question to something like that... I guess I knew I should consume as much as possible, I just poorly phrased my question.

What high protein item can I take into a class to consume, post workout, that isn't obnoxious? Recommendations/advice?


(Shouldn't this be a nutrition page thing)

Anyway, as a piggy-back on this thread:

As someone with similar mass/height, trying to gain weight, should I be taking just Protein shakes, or Protein+Carb shakes?


mix it in skim milk or 100% juice for intra- and/or post-workout, use whole milk otherwise. or if you can afford it, something like vitargo s2. that stuff definitely gets through your digestive system quick...


1 get a blender bottle. #2 get your hands on large quantities of whey and cassein protien powder. #3 place a large scoop of each in bottle. #4 mix with favorite beverage (milk, water, gatorade) and enjoy.

Optimum Nutrition offers whey in 10 pound bags and their cassein in 4 pound canisters relatively inexpensively :slight_smile: Consume and grow big(ger).


i shudder to think of the quality of that protein (or lack thereof)


You know nothing, and your ignorance shows it. Instead of bandwagoning it, do a little due diligence and you may find that you are grossly mistaken!


I wouldnt worry about protein shakes. Just go to your school's all you can eat cafeteria and eat as much meat, rice, etc, as possible. Don't worry about eating six times a day either.


whuuuu?? lol I mentioned a website that got mod edited out. they sell a 50# bag of whey for pretty cheap $/lb (hah edit that!!).

I've been using ON platinum hydrowhey actually. I've been getting horrible acne though so I'm gonna see what beef protein like Musclemeds Carnivor does for me. /end hijack


Do kids fuckin' read anymore?

Whey a banana a blender...enjoy. There are literally 900,000,000 other delicious things you could throw in your blender that would warrant same effect. Whey + oats par example...


I don't have a blender. I'm technically not supposed to even have one in my dorm room, but it'd be worth looking into.

Thanks everyone. I appreciate the help.


a blender BOTTLE is a human powered mechanical device...and as has been posted before : JUST EAT !


hammer the MAG-10/ hydolysed casein


just get some whey powder, some peanut butter and some oats, put in a shaker.... shake, eat.