Post-workout Protein-Slightly Confused

I’ve read for years on how during and post-workout shakes are critical to recovering quicker and hopefully growing more muscle. Most everybody on this site should know that, and i blieve we all practicve it. Base formula is, as everybody knows, a high-quality protein mixed with a sugar such as maltodextrin or mixed in juice.
But, I’ve now read articles saying that you need to supplement the standard shake with high-quality BCAAs after lifting. Did some research and found Poliquin was one of the first to mention this, right here in t-mag.
So I went to some online stores and wouldn’t you know it, there’s a ton of BCAA supps that are recommended for post-workout use.

My question is: WTF is the point? I thought high-quality protein powders had all the BCAAs necessary for repair and growth?
Are BCAAs that effective? Is it just a marketing ploy?

Or is it that a few amino acids are more imp’t than others and thus should be used ina ddition to a regular prot powder?

I swear, it seems like BBers and lifters worry about the smallest details concerning supps.

So, somebody relieve my confusion

These products are mostly used by those who are dieting severely. An example is a bodybuilder getting ready for a show. In an effort to minimize excess calories and yet get all the nutrients necessary to prevent muscle loss, they favour BCAAs, glutamine, arginine. These are used instead of the more common whey and carbs, which are utilized during mass phases instead.

-Is it because the BCCAs are MORE important than the other aminos, or is it simply because they’re available in a reduced calorie form?

Also, Poliquin (and others) make no mention of pre-contest dieting, simply something they recommend their athletes take on a regular basis.

Let me know

The BCAAs are better utilized for building muscle, when in the proper ratios compared with other amino acids. The reason Poliquin suggests using the BCAAs is for this reason. Keep in mind that products such as Biotest’s Surge contain the proper ratio of BCAAs in the form of Hydrolyzed Whey. Poliquin has many of his athletes on a low carb diet, therefore the use of BCAAs,Glutamine,Arginine post workout without the carbs. This is only for about 50-70% of his athletes, the others use a high GI carb with protein with added BCAAs, especially for those who need to add mass. Poliquin is not totally against carbs as many assume.

Thanks, preciate the info. Though, I wonder how many of Poliquin’s athletes are on low-carb diets since they are ATHLETES and not BBers? THey do need that fuel to perform.
Maybe he has them on lo-carb in the pre-season to trim some fat off, or he has them on CKDs.